Wednesday, August 1, 2012


*I don't have "space" to update my kids photos
*They will be immortalized as 1 year olds and a 4 year old
*They want to charge me to have more "space"
*I'm annoyed!!!!

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Monday, July 30, 2012


It's babies are even less babies now that they are TWO!!!!! They are getting so big and amaze us all the time with what they can do and say. We are two very proud parents!! Last weekend we celebrated this special milestone with a MONSTER bash, complete with their very own monster cupcakes (decorated by Auntie Jessie). We had over 40 people attend and even our new MUCH larger house felt small.

 Here are some highlights:
1. Party started at 10a, to hopefully circumvent last years "we are tired and need naps" crabbiness and general fussiness.
2. Food served was all their favorites: hotdogs, mac-n-cheese, fruit, corn on the cob, chips and cupcakes.
3. Despite our efforts, Henry fell asleep during the gift opening.
4. The kids made out like fiends. They've enjoyed everything but the winner for Henry was his duplos, for Grant definitely dinosaurs and cellphone (na noo) and Ella loves her sunglasses and clip Minnie. All three loved their new Coupes via mommy and daddy! They vehemently protest coming inside from playing with them. They also really love their bubble maker. Daddy loved their new Iowa clothes, which I have yet to get in their closets...tomorrows agenda for sure.
5. Evie had a blast with her friends Abi, Aine, Ava and of course her bff cousin Xander (more on him and Molly soon).
6. LOVED having everyone here.
7. Our road construction hadn't started yet (also another post).
8. We had all of the V family in attendance, which is ALWAYS a huge blessing.
9. Shawn's sister, Laura (with hubby Brandon) is having a baby girl and I really enjoyed Laura's baby bump...we are excited!!
10. It's awesome to have so many of our friends there and our house ran a muck with infants (5), toddlers (6) and preschoolers (5) !!!!!
11. IT WAS A BLAST!!!!!!

Now I have to start planning Evie's rainbow party....

Monday, July 23, 2012

At this time (1:36p.m.)...

this teeny-tiny little man took his first breath and we knew we were going to be getting a BIG personality.

Happy 2nd Birthday, to our silly and handsome baby C, Grant James!!!

At this time (1:34p.m.)...

this little man took his first breath and from everyone's reactions we knew we had someone BIG had arrived.

Happy 2nd Birthday, to our flirtatious and handsome baby B...Henry Carl!!!!!!