Friday, January 15, 2010


This the second time in less then a month that Evie has woken us because of a stomach virus. YUCK!! She was up from pretty much midnight through 9am with it yesterday. Though she did recoup around 3, she wasn't doing well enough to eat or drink much. This morning she woke us up at 6am so thirsty it took two sippy cups to satisfy her. Then she polished off some pretzels, finally got some Tylenol and fell asleep on the couch!! So tired, the poor thing!! Shawn snapped this picture of Evie, what a darling! If you know Evie, she has to be really tired to fall asleep on the couch, in the middle of the day, without sound machine or bed!! Shawn moved her to her bed and she slept over 3 more hours! She's on the mend!

Friday, January 8, 2010

I haven't been able to scrapbook much lately due to being...busy, but I did create this for both my parents and Jessie with photos Keesha and I had taken during our trip to TX in October. They turned out pretty cute, the pictures too! Sorry the 2nd one is a little blurry but hard to take photos of pictures/papers.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas 2009

This Christmas has been so busy! I'm really loving the time with both families, but find myself looking forward to taking down the tree, and resuming "normal" activities. Next year we will stay home for Christmas and I'm really looking forward to this as traveling can be very wearisome. Evelyn enjoyed the visit from Santa, who brought her 3 presents, as the Wise Men once brought Baby Jesus, plus a full stocking.

Our Christmas was low-key. We spent the day in our pajamas, watching Evie play with her Santa gifts (her favorite the table and chairs with tea set--which she is playing with above with "Santa"), watching Christmas movies and eating chili. It was great!! This is how we plan to spend Christmas from now on. No more slaving over the stove making turkey or rushing to relatives houses. Just being with family, relaxing and celebrating our Saviors birth.

On the day after Christmas we headed to my sister and brother-in-law's home to have our V family Christmas. Jessie and Goober made a delicious spread. I get hungry just thinking about it! We has a lot of fun opening gifts, though this occurred so quickly I missed Evie opening about half of hers. My favorite gifts Evie received, which she is going to love is the art easel made by her anpa V and decorated by anma V, and the pretty apron made by auntie (with help from anma). I received a matching one, which I love. Now we've just got to do a little cooking or baking! Evie opened the gift from her auntie Keesha, uncle Chris and Xander about midway through and getting her to continue was a little difficult. They got her a diaper bag with all the baby accessories. She loves them. I enjoy her joy but have to repack the bag every night. After she's gone to bed, because if you do it with her in the room she goes into full meltdown. Shawn loves her John Deere riding tractor.

The morning following our fun at Jessie's wasn't as fun. Evelyn woke up at 8a with a stomach virus and was sick until noon. Since she wasn't feeling so well, she and I stayed at anpa and anma's until Tuesday when my dad and father-in-law were kind enough to get us home. Shawn manned the office and the house without us. We missed him!

Over the New Year weekend, in IA with the A's, we did a first for Evie, even if it was below 0...we went sledding! It was a blast, even for the short period we were out there all bundled up. I had to literally drag/carry Evie in, because of all the fun!



We had opened presents before this and Evie especially loves her new "doctor" (chiropractor kit) kit. Beware of the reflex hammer though--Evelyn can be a little rough checking yours. She has made sure to check all of us, including the dogs, with her new kit. Anpa and anma A gifted Evelyn with slippers which she has adored wearing. I think her favorite gift of theirs has yet to be tried, it's a whale for the tub that squirts water. Maybe we'll check it out tonight!

Despite all the traveling, Evie getting sick and the FRIGID winter...Christmas was beautiful! We are blessed by all that the Lord has given us but especially each other and our friends and families. We wish you a HAPPY New Year!