Thursday, June 21, 2012

Ovredue-Grant, 21 (ish) months

At 21 months (22.5) you:

*Love to sleep on your tummy and HAVE to have your teddy, lovie and now your giraffe.

*Can still wear size 12 clothes though you've grown taller so you are now in 18 month pants:)

*Weigh a whopping 20.7 lbs

*love to be LOUD, you also have the reputation for being the whiner and the screamer.  Today you were screaming and it was so loud you were covering your own ears:)

*can say lots, most of it intelligible, that which we do understand is very crisp in it's pronunciation.

*bite and scratch if your siblings take stuff you have/want.  You get the maddest: red face, screaming and you stiffen up like a board

*have an awesome laugh, it makes everyone else smile and laugh with joy

*give the sweetest hugs, always curling your arm around our necks.  My favorite is that you play with my hair and rest your sweet cheek against mine

*are the earliest riser (usually before 6:30) and the shortest napper

*love to be helper, though you "march to your own drum."  Sometimes you are so very independent.  You have the least amount of meltdowns because you are happy to play on your own.  You love cuddles but also can be set down right away in the morning.  You are less likely to fight over mommy's lap.

*are so little that watching you walk is a delight, you sometimes seem too little to be doing that yet.

*love being outside, you run around in pure and simple joy

*can be a huge flirt with your sweet waves and smiles.  We stopped at McDonalds for ice cream you were more interested in smiling at several ladies around us and every time they smiled and waved back you'd come running back to us to laugh.

*make some of the best and most outrageous faces.  There's the serious face, the "stern" face, goofy smile face, the O face.

*say "O tootles" from Mickey Mouse Club House and it's adorable and daddy tries to get you to say it all day long.