Sunday, December 26, 2010

Lots to blog about...#1

Merry Christmas!! There has been and will be so much going on in our household to blog about. Look for upcoming posts about: babies turn 5 months, Christmas at home, New Year's, and Evie's first preschool Christmas program. Until then we hope you had a beautiful and blessed Christmas!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Meeting the "big guy!"

Last Sunday we had a chance to meet "Santa" at our first multiples Christmas party. He was delightful and answered the kids questions (FYI Santa sleeps with his beard ABOVE his covers and he's married to Krystal Kringle). He even had presents for the kids. Obviously Ella, Henry and Grant were oblivious to this momumental moment but Evie was excited, When told she could go meet him she first cut in line and then when it was officially her turn she backed her bottom right up to him so he could pull her onto his lap. He was great and even autographed her books. In 4 years he was the FIRST "Santa" to look happy to be visiting with kids AND it cost us $0 for photos with him!

Here is Evie awaiting her present. She was so quiet and just watched. I could tell she was hoping he wouldn't forget her and he didn't. Now all she talks about is "Santa" coming and baby Jesus being "born." We are planning to make Christmas cookies for the big guy and we've been practicing with playdough. She is thrilled!! We can hardly get her to sit still and she points out the presents under the tree to her brothers and sisters, often asking if this present is "mine?" It is really making Christmas even more special to have her "get" it. This week she is having her first Christmas program, we can't wait!!