Friday, May 29, 2009

Third time is NOT the charm...

So, we went to the ER again last night. They didn't even try to figure out what is going on, since Shawn has a HIDA scan today. This is supposed to be more specific for finding out gallbladder problems. It is unimaginable that they would continue to let someone suffer this way!?! We/I am demanding that they cut it out today or if they find nothing on the HIDA scan they open him up and poke around in there because this is stupid!?! Can you hear my irritation through this blog? Evie was picked up at midnight last night by my in-law and so I am without my sunshine, which makes me even more irritated. (Note: This is not a complaint against my wonderful mother-in-law. She is awesome! I am just angry with the hospital facility that would put us in a situation where we have to choose between bringing her to the ER or send her to IA. I am blessed that my in-laws can help us out in so many ways!!) I am a raging mama/wife who wants this settled NOW! Don't mess with me;o)

Now for fun:

1. It's cold and Crappy way to much lately.

2.We planted tomatoes.

3. My favorite health and beauty product is coverup.

4. I have no urge to go on a nice long ride.

5. Well, first of all hospitals, especially ER's SUCK.

6. None; those were the cast of characters in a recent dream and it was boring...not enough time to dream.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to sitting in a waiting room while Shawn gets his whatever removed, tomorrow my plans include getting my baby and Sunday, I want to sleep and not go to the ER!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Have you ever been to an ER? I don't know what it's been like for you but I'll tell you the one thing I've learned in the last two wait A LOT! Why were we in the ER?? Shawn has some GI stuff going on that has caused some severe pain. He's had 2 ultrasound and a CT scan. After two days I can tell you what it is NOT. It is NOT a gallbladder problem. It is NOT appendicitis. It is NOT the pancreas. It is NOT the liver. At this point they have no answers but a referral to a GI specialist, who will hopefully give us more answers. What I do know is this: you read a lot when you wait at an ER, you witness some pretty nasty things, you give (freely) your barf bucket to another patient when in an emergency they use it, 21 month-olds do not like to be stuck waiting despite mom packing toys, food, books, movies and other distractions (really, I knew this already), 21 month-olds will not fall asleep in the ER, 2 days of vending foods don't give you lots of energy or good nutrition but LOTS of calories, chairs in the waiting rooms & patient rooms will re-inflame your old tailbone fracture, staying up till midnight or past and getting up early will cause fatigue, abdominal ultrasounds take FOREVER, I never want a contrast CT of the abdomen (don't ask), when they call you back (for the first time) don't get too excited, they're just taking your temperature, BP and asking a few won't get to see a real doctor for a long time, and despite all their technologies, education, and expertise medical doctors don't know everything (knew this one too). I hope you've had a healthier last few days. I'll let you know if we find out anything;o)

Monday, May 18, 2009

Six Months

Sissy's Song

Why did she have to go
So young I just don't know why
Things happen half the time
Without reason without rhyme
Lovely, sweet young woman
Daughter, wife and mother
Makes no sense to me
I just have to believe

She flew up to Heaven on the wings of angels
By the clouds and stars and passed where no one sees
And she walks with Jesus and her loved ones waiting
And I know she's smiling saying
Don't worry 'bout me

Loved ones she left behind
Just trying to survive
And understand the why
Feeling so lost inside
Anger shot straight at God
Then asking for His love
Empty with disbelief
Just hoping that maybe

She flew up to Heaven on the wings of angels
By the clouds and stars and passed where no one sees
And she walks with Jesus and her loved ones waiting
And I know she's smiling saying
Don't worry 'bout me

It's hard to say goodbye
Her picture in my mind
Will always be of times I'll cherish
And I won't cry 'cause

She flew up to Heaven on the wings of angels
By the clouds and stars and passed where no one sees
And she walks with jesus and her loved ones waiting
And I know she's smiling saying
Don't worry 'bout me
Don't worry 'bout me
Don`t worry 'bout me

It's been 6 months today since we lost Candii. It never gets "easier" but the ache isn't so bad. This song has been healing for Shawn and I, and is appropriately named "Sissy's Song." It's by Alan Jackson and came out a short while ago when Shawn especially was struggling. Will you pray for our family? Thanks!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

I wonder...

So your probably asking yourself, "why doesn't Tawnda update her blog more often?" The truth is that I figure most of you don't care what I'm thinking about day to day, your more interested in pictures of Evie. I get that...but I'm going to start posting the happenings of our everyday life. For instance, right now Evie is screaming her beautiful head off in her crib after waking up after only 45 minutes in her crib sleeping. The truth is that occasionally she does this, and sometimes I pick her up and rock her back to sleep (like tonight) and sometimes we have to let her cry a little. Evie has never been the greatest sleeper. I think it's our fault. If (when you have kids--for those of you who don't have them already) a nurse tells you to wake up your child to feed in the middle of the night --don't do it. It's a ploy to make your nights miserable. This is what we did for the first two weeks after she was born, from the advice of our nurses. We definitely think that this contribued to or caused her sleep problems.

I love that Evie's a talker. She reads to us off and on all day long. What I hate is that she's telling me all these juicy, adorable, and beautiful stories and I can't understand one word. She's so serious about them and all I can do it nod and smile. She points at things and laughs. They must be the funniest stories ever...and I still have no clue. I can recognize a few words: eady (ready), me (mine), mor (more), uh-oh, hi, meow, dada, momma, oh, ow, no, and yes. We're working on bubba (bubbles), boooo (book), among others. She understands 100x more then she says, which does help. Hopefully, by the time I understand everything she's saying she'll still have all her beautiful stories to tell. I will definitely be listening.

Saturday, May 9, 2009


That's the time it took for Shawn to complete his first 1/2 marathon! For the record that is running 13.1 miles. He said his first goal was to complete it and his second was to complete it in under 2 hours. Complete it. Check. Under 2 hours. Check. This wife is so proud I was nearly brought to tears five times. Five times because that's the beginning, 5 miles, 8 miles, 11 miles, and the finish. He did so awesome!! Here is a rundown in pictures:

Excited to start!
In line to race:
Despite the freezing, 45 degree weather, I'm hot after the first 5 miles!

Mile 8
Mile 11
Finish, #354 out of an estimated 1000!
Recovering, I'm beat! I loved it!
Cheering wore my littlest fan out.
Happy family!
She's got some big shoes to fill, but I think that she will certainly try!
A side note from myself, notice the winter coat, scarf, and hat. Where is the May flowers, warm temperatures, and sunny days? I'm hoping they come soon!

Friday, May 1, 2009

20 months

Remember this itty-bitty, sweet baby girl?? Where has she gone?? This is one of my favorite pictures of Evelyn, enjoying a little chiropractic massage from her daddy. She LOVED it!

How about this sweet, pouty, tongue sucking cutey-patooty? She loved her bouncer. And those teeny-tiny mittens were so adorable. Hard to believe that so much has changed and in such a short time. Let me ask you, how have you changed in twenty months? Me, well I had a newborn and she's now older, I'm older, moved a business, joined a few more clubs. That's about it. Evie has learned to: hold her head, sit, crawl, walk, talk, grasp, eat, drink, giggle, laugh, stack, toss a ball, run, clap, dance, blow her nose, blow a bubble, get the picture. Amazing how much she has accomplished in so short a time. No wonder she needs a 2 hour nap everyday and still goes to bed a 9pm!

In the last month Evie has amazed us by learning to blow her nose. She loves to "wipe" her nose, try to keep Kleenex's out of reach. She'll go through 100 if you let her. She loves her babies, especially my Cabbage Patch, her baby doll, and of course kitty. She "mothers" them quite well. She reads to them daily in between her hugs and rocking. She continues to love her rocking chair. Grandpa and Grandma V. are having a rocking horse built for her and I think that it is definitely something that she is going to go crazy over. Evie loves to lead you places. She takes your finger in her precious little hand and then pulls you to her bedroom or just on a general house tour. She likes to have an audience. Today I inputed insurance in several rooms and locations in our house because she wanted me to be nearby. I'd say that spending time with her is a definite love language. She must get it from me, I love it when Shawn watches tv with me. Just being together. Evie is definitely going to be a nature lover like Shawn. Before it turned cold again we were able to take a few trips to the park and she loved it. When it was time to go inside she got very upset. Even tried to climb back into the stroller. She will try to put on her shoes and then drag us to the front door, as if to say "let's go play." Eating is sporadic for her. She has her definite favorites such as: hot dogs with ketchup, ketchup, soy yogurt, pretzels, snacks, peas, beans, popcorn, ice cream bars, chocolate, bananas, raisins, eggs, cereal bars and rice cereal. These are definitely our go-to foods. Evie is speaking some now, but it is really hard to distinguish because she continues to be a regular chatter. Talks on the phone, reads to us, and just holds general non-sensical conversations. A few of her more recognizable words are: uh-oh, me, da-da, mama, mor, meow and hi! Each are special in their own Evie way. We especially love how Evie makes a "give me" hand motion when she says "me." It's adorable. Most nights Evie sleeps like a champ. Shawn gets up once or so to find a pacifier for her but there are a lot of nights when our sleep isn't disturbed at all. Evie is into everything, like most toddlers. I can hardly keep up. Most of you who really know her, know that she is outgoing. Within minutes with her grandparents and she's running around shrieking. In public, however, she doesn't say a word. And in most situations where we leave here with church or Y nurseries, she spends the whole time on an adults lap. Quiet as a mouse. I know, you have to see it to believe it. The best thing about Evie is her delight in everyone and life. You've never seen pure joy until you've watched a child. Bubbles are magic. Daddy crawling on the floor making animal sounds are hysterical. Mama's neck kisses are a delight. Sliding is never boring, not even after the 20th go. Some of baby Evie still lingers: the "tongue sucking" motion when the pacifier falls out, the dirty diapers (I'm ready for this to go away), the soft skin, the sweetness. Most of the time though, she is this on-the-go little girl, my angel. It's been the best 20 months of my life!