Friday, January 20, 2012

It sneaks up on you

Babies becoming toddlers that is. Though I still refer to them as thus, truly the "babies" are no longer babies. This is evident in many ways.

#1 They are all wearing over 12 month clothes .
#2 They are saying new words.
#3 We've switched to less spill proof sippys...with ease.
#4 They run...walk very rarely.
#5 While filling out their 18 month wellness forms they were acing it.
#6 They have enough hair for their first haircut {the boys anyhow}
#7 We got rid of the highchairs...they now sit at the table like big kids.
#8 They climb chairs and stairs.

Some of these things have thrilled me and some have made me realize how quickly time is passing. For instance, Evie could see the top of the stove while I made eggs for lunch...when did that happen???? Time slow down just a least so I can capture it fully.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Organizing Wanna-Be

The Hearts at Home Third Thursday Blog Hop exists to connect moms to other moms! I love today’s topic of organization! With the start of the new year, many of us are looking for tips & hints for organizing things around the home to make life easier.

Like Jill Savage, I too use a over-the-door shoe rack. With 3 toddlers and a preschooler there are lots of outerwear to keep track of. I use the shoe racks to hold all there pairs of shoes and since I have four kids and there are four columns-each child gets one column. The contents change seasonally. Currently, there are tennis shoes, slippers and dress shoes. Then I also place their hats and mittens in the racks as well. In the spring/summer this will change to sandals, tennis shoes, sunglasses and hats. I also have one on my older child's closet which helps to organize her barbies and other smaller toys...away from her siblings busy hands.

Again, with 4 kids there are lots of sippy's and lids to keep track of. I use the cupboard to hold all of the cups, stacked by type and then a separate bin for all of the lids. The valves for the cups are in a pretty heart shapped basket. They don't always dry well so being in an open basket helps. Their snack cups go in here too. The other bins hold stickers and candy...for rewards. As a chiropractor, I give stickers to all of my young patients and so when the oldest gets adjusted at home she wants one too. Keeping the "prizes" and goodies out of sight, keeps them out of mind...mine and theirs.

Another way I utilize the space in our house is by putting the kid's bibs in large baskets on top of the fridge. We are lucky to have a crafty mom/grandma who makes nice big ones which keeps their laps clean. For the small bibs I have a small basket.

I am an organizing queen wanna-be. Soon I hope to switch my status to full time queen:)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Confession: I am addicted to Pinterest. I could check it a billion times a day and still find more things to "pin." However, spending ones time "pinning" but never doing is...well...a waste of time. So, inspired by many of the crafty gifts I have seen, I made the following for Evie's preschool teacher's.


1 31 small utility basket
1 handmade scarf (purchased not sewn by me...if only I had that talent!)
1 packet hot chocolate
2 #2 pencils to hold the sign
a wallet sized picture of Evie

The sign reads:

"Wishing you a warm and joyous Christmas!"

Take that Pinterest:)

Sunday, January 1, 2012

I Resolve

1. To show my love to my children in greater ways... everyday
2. To fall more deeply in love with my husband...everyday
3. To find new ways to worship God
4. To make Jesus my best friend
5. To be a better friend, sister, daughter
6. To find joy in even the smallest task...even changing a diaper
7. To make a thankful list everyday...not just during November
8. To follow my purpose
9. To change a life...for the better
10. To become more of the person God created me to be

My word for 2012 is purposeful.