Sunday, December 26, 2010

Lots to blog about...#1

Merry Christmas!! There has been and will be so much going on in our household to blog about. Look for upcoming posts about: babies turn 5 months, Christmas at home, New Year's, and Evie's first preschool Christmas program. Until then we hope you had a beautiful and blessed Christmas!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Meeting the "big guy!"

Last Sunday we had a chance to meet "Santa" at our first multiples Christmas party. He was delightful and answered the kids questions (FYI Santa sleeps with his beard ABOVE his covers and he's married to Krystal Kringle). He even had presents for the kids. Obviously Ella, Henry and Grant were oblivious to this momumental moment but Evie was excited, When told she could go meet him she first cut in line and then when it was officially her turn she backed her bottom right up to him so he could pull her onto his lap. He was great and even autographed her books. In 4 years he was the FIRST "Santa" to look happy to be visiting with kids AND it cost us $0 for photos with him!

Here is Evie awaiting her present. She was so quiet and just watched. I could tell she was hoping he wouldn't forget her and he didn't. Now all she talks about is "Santa" coming and baby Jesus being "born." We are planning to make Christmas cookies for the big guy and we've been practicing with playdough. She is thrilled!! We can hardly get her to sit still and she points out the presents under the tree to her brothers and sisters, often asking if this present is "mine?" It is really making Christmas even more special to have her "get" it. This week she is having her first Christmas program, we can't wait!!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

4 months

To see how much they've grown, scroll down to their first picture with me at 5 days old.

I know, can you believe it? Shawn was telling me yesterday that the days in the NICU seem like a dream. For me it's still a very vivid memory. But any "problems" that put them in there are long gone. Grant has a set of VERY healthy lungs as evident to the anpa's and anma's that witnessed his angry hungry/tired cries. Henry DEFINITELY has no problems eating or gaining weight, see pictures below. And Ella ruddy cheeks are a testament to her ability to stay WARM. Their days are pretty scheduled as much as I being a non-scheduled person can handle. They eat every 3 hours still, except are now up to 5 oz and sleep about 1-2 hours after eating with a long nap in the afternoon. The last meal of the day is at 7:30-8pm and then it's bedtime. They usually get up once a night still and then up for the day around 6:30a when daddy is getting up for work. They've had a few firsts this month including their first trip and first time in another state (even if it's just Iowa) for their first Thanksgiving. Here's what's new with each of my little ones.


Ella LOVES eating. She can be counted on to guzzle her 5oz and then be a happy little girl. She prefers her naps in the swing with the music playing. She would love a paci once in awhile but besides a few times a day when we are trying to stretch feedings or sleeps out she doesn't get one. She's never mastered keeping it in her mouth, though she does enjoy sucking on her hands. Lately we've noticed she loves to be under the play mat batting/talking at the purple hippo. She is also such a big kicker. She gets so excited and kicks and squeals. Yesterday she came pretty close to laughing. At their 4 month checkup on the 24th she weighed 10lb, 12oz. For the record that means she has gained: 6lb, 10oz since birth. She is no longer the skinny, scrawny little darling but instead has this adorable round head and plenty of body chub. She is 22.5 in long up 5 in. Once her hair grows in she will have dark hair, right now I can't tell if it will be a dark brown shade like her daddy or more light brown like me and Evie. She has beautiful blue eyes with eyelashes that curl naturally. One of the most adorable things about Ella is that when she talks she makes very delicate, girly noises. I love it, especially as she finishes every sentence with a raspberry/motorboat noise filled with bubbles. She has easily wrapped us around her long adorable fingers.
Despite Shawn being an old pro at dressing his children he managed to put this sleeper on wrong with an arm in a leg hole an vica versa.Trying to figure out those crazy things we call hands.


Henry or as we've come to think of him, Shawn's mini-me, doesn't seem to be as big of an eater as Ella though his size belies this idea. He is not only chubby but a very solid little boy. His hands are one of my favorite features as they are round and poly, it's surprising that he can bend his fingers at all. Henry weighed in at 13lb 8oz. Not only is this a 4lb gain in 2 months but a whopping 8lb, 6oz gain since birth and a 1lb heavier then Evie at this age AND he is primarily breastfed. Normally these babies are supposed to be slimier and lighter, obviously Henry doesn't agree with this consensus. He is 23.75 in long, a gain of 5.25 in. Henry naps in the swing during the day but refuses to fall asleep this way at bedtime, preferring the bouncer instead. Henry appears to be shy in his interactions. When he smiles his eyes light up and when you smile back he will sometimes turn away with his shy smile, bringing his arms up. He continues to be very easy-going except when he's hungry, go figure! He loves to stand and gets excited whenever given the chance. So proud of his own achievement, almost as proud as we are. When he gets excited he breaths through his noise excitedly, almost in a snorting way. His uncle Brandon thought something was wrong with him and I had to tell him that Henry was just excited. He laughed at daddy a week ago. I've yet to witness it. Henry if you haven't figured it out looks JUST LIKE his daddy, especially his dimpled smile. We are so in love with that dimpled face.


Grant is still the peanut. Although not far behind Ella in size he looks smaller and more delicate. He doesn't seem that way in personality as he can definitely demand your attention. He has become the easiest and biggest smiler. He smiles from ear to ear but also has an adorable "Elvis" smile. If you are in a bad mood in anyway his smiles while turn your day around. He loves to play under the mat and with the bouncer toys. Unlike his siblings he is especially skilled at really getting a hold of the animals in his little hands. Feedings with him have become a little difficult because of his insistence in "helping" with the bottles. He has become so strong he can push the bottle out of his mouth or off to the side. We've changed levels on the nipples for the other two but he has not tolerated the stronger flow as well. Grant favors my side, particularly my dad, in looks (right down to the bald head-hehe). Grant has the most adorable cry with snorting. It's hard to not laugh a little when he's crying. I can easily tell their cry's apart. Grant weighs 10lb, 2oz a gain of 6lb, 9oz. He is 22.5 in up 5.5in. He is more active then the others and we find joy in just watching him enjoy life.

His "Elvis" smile.
Not quite a full smile, imagine his mouth open an inch.

All she wants for Christmas is baby's. But she is definitely NOT getting any more. Anma and Anpa V are getting her a special baby toy but I will post pictures of it after Christmas. We are trying to get her interested is something NOT baby. She has enjoyed playing with a Littlest Pet Shop 90's edition, borrowed from Auntie Laura, during the Thanksgiving weekend. "Santa" may think about this as a gift for her. She also has enjoyed inviting her anpa, anma's auntie, great anma and family friends to play in her "oom" at anma and anpa's A's house. Beware this means come play nap, your sick and "let me boss you around." Other fun things she's enjoyed is attending a gymboree type event where she got to jump on trampolines, do somersaults, and jump into foam squares. She loved it and we will attempt to bring her again. She had a big first and a highlight for mama and dadee when we brought her to her first movie yesterday, Tangled. She loved it so much that when it was done and we had to leave she cried. She enjoyed popcorn and Twizzlers and sat so perfectly that an older lady commented to me how well she did. I thought, well of course she did she is after all MY daughter (said with tongue in cheek). We had a great date, I only wish I'd taken pictures or had a ticket stub as a souvenir. She has been a testament to me that the 2's are not terrible, but the 3's are with her tantrums. We've made great strides this week and last but they are not gone totally when she gets frustrated or mad when things aren't going her way. Still none can resist her sweet smile. We try but it's too hard.

For a time she wouldn't let us take pictures of her. But threaten to take picures of the babies and she smiles right away.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Our Sunday Best

We made it to our first outing as a family, church. It was nice to get out together again and it was only mildly stressful. But I really enjoyed worshiping again with our church family and enjoyed the message (at least that which I didn't miss). We had a feeding mid service and was thankful for the help of one of our friends. It was so nice that we will attempt it again next Sunday. Also, I managed to do a little shopping afterwords and get a jump on the kid's Christmas presents. I am looking forward to our first Christmas at home and Ella, Henry and Grant's first Christmas. Besides updating my blog, today has been a busy day as it is laundry day. It's a little more work today though as I am washing all of the 3-6 month clothes so they'll be ready for when they outgrow their size 0-3. Henry is getting close, probably another 1/4-1/2 inch and he will be there. I just can't believe that they are growing so fast! Grant is now out of newborn diapers and they all started reaching/grasping at objects. Evie is obsessed with reading in her room and I retrieved the Mega Blocks from storage and she's been busy building "robots." I love my life! Happy Monday!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Happy (Belated) Halloween!!

Halloween is officially the triplets (and Evie's in 2007) first holiday. It's pretty boring as a first holiday goes, at least for babies! We put them in their Halloween onsies (we don't do baby costumes-too expensive-and annoying for them!) and got pictures. That's the extent of their celebration.

For Evie we hired a babysitter and took her to a local church for the second year in a row for trick-or-treating (out of the trunk's of parishioners cars) and some fun activities. This year she went as a fairy technically Tinker Belle. She had a delightful time and is enjoying the fruits of our labor (what I mean is that she held the bag and I said "trick-or-treat!" Here are a few picture highlights:

And our "date" with Evie:

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

3 months

I am going to say this EACH and EVERY month B-U-T...I can't believe my babies are 3 months old!!!! They are growing so fast and have changed so much since those first days in the NICU. Luckily I like to document their lives so even though much of that time is a blur I can still remember the little moments. Though the hardest part is remembering them being so small. No way would I believe that my peanut (Grant) weighed 3lbs, 9oz. Just recently Ella and Grant joined Henry wearing size 3mo clothing and are much more active throughout the day. Shawn was excited at the transition, my heart broke a little. Possibly because my mind is already seeing them as a 3 year old like Evie. The time between 3mo clothing and now seems to be a blur filled with snapshots of big joy and big moments. Here is a synopsis of what the babies are doing now:


I imagine sometimes that she will be nicknamed Miley (like Miley Cyrus) because of her BIG smiles. Already I call her Smiley about as much as I call her Sweet Pea. It really doesn't take much to gain a smile from her, unlike her brothers. In fact she wakes up smiling. I think she will be a morning person like Evie. Both of them wake up smiling and happy, singing songs. For an owl like me it sure helps to wake me up and brighten my mood. It's funny but Ella frowns almost as adorably as she smiles. She looks like she is trying to figure out this crazy world. We love when she talks as it is definitely a sweet girl sound, and even without looking we can tell she's happy just by her noises. Ella loves a pacifier but her tongue doesn't know that as it continuously wants to push it out. She often wants it for naps but I can't keep it in long enough to fall asleep. I am doing the weekly shopping today and (also like her big sister) will be purchasing a few different kinds to see if a new model helps with the problem. Ella now eats about 4oz at a time and feedings are approximately 3 hours apart except at night when they sleep about 6 hours. She has a bit of an urping problem caused by a little reflux. She does not seem to be bothered by it but it does make for some wet outfits. Daddy thinks and mama agrees that our baby girl is beautiful. Right now her eyes are blue and she has daddy's dark skin. I'm not sure about the rest of her. Right now she leans towards her daddy and Evie in looks but there is something of me in her too that I just can't pinpoint. I'm crossing my fingers that one of these 3 has my eye color. It is my favorite feature but more then that I inherited it from my dad who inherited it from his dad. My nephew and sisters also have this eye color. Ella's smile reminds me of Evie.


Still very much the Chubba Bubba. He has rolls everywhere. I just LOVE a chubby baby!! He will probably switch to 6mo clothes before the month is out. Henry continues to be our easygoing baby. He will lay contentedly under the play mat for over an hour watching the mobile, looking in the mirror, listening to the music and accidentally hitting a toy. In regards to "actual" age, as opposed to adjusted age (which for them being born 5 weeks early is technically 2 months) Henry is developmentally closer to his real age then either Ella or Grant. This is evident by the greater degree of chatter he emits. He has a adorable smile but unlike Ella makes you work for them. There is nothing in particular that you can do that will elicit a smile every time. He continues to be my only breastfeeder and like Ella has a bit of reflux. He does not like to have bottles as much. Henry is the spitting image of his father, except for his eyes and lips which he gets from me. He also has my shoulder dimples, which I am thrilled to pass on. Most often Henry takes his naps swaddled in the swing, much like his oldest sister did. However, when we try to use that same technique to go to sleep at night he throws a major fit. It's a little odd but whatever works for you Henry. Henry rarely takes a pacifier, preferring his hands instead. Unfortunately, his hands aren't cooperating. I've been attempting to get a video of his attempts at corralling his hands but he isn't cooperating either. What it looks like is Henry using one hand to grab the other to shove into his mouth. It's adorable!


Grant has changed the most since 2 months. He's much more easy-going and like his brother typically cries for 2 reasons: 1. hungry and 2. tired. He loves his soothie pacifier and can keep it in his mouth easily UNLESS he's tired. Then he doesn't want it and is his way of telling you he needs a nap. He continues to sleep ALL the time on his belly EXCEPT when we flip him over and put him in the co-sleeper for the night. He an Ella have the same eating habits. He is our active baby. He is never still. When Ella eats she has both hands fisted at breast level. Henry typically keeps his arms down at his sides. Grant is grasping at the bottle, your hands, his face etc. When he sits in the bouncer (which he does contentedly) his arms and legs never stop. He is like Evie in this. I don't remember it to this extent but then she was our first and only baby at that time. It's probably the reason he is so thin compared to his siblings. Ella and Grant side by side look similar in weight but if you compare their legs Grant's look scrawny. Very similar to Evie. Putting all three babies together is somewhat like playing "one of these things is not like the other..." The answer is: Henry. He looks like he was born a month earlier. Grant continues to like to listen to his pull-toy elephant which plays "Twinkle, Twinkle." If you don't pull it he will sit and stare at it as if willing it to sing. Grant loves to have you click your tongue. That and smiles from you are all it takes to elicit a smile from him. His smiles are adorable. Sometimes they are only one side of the mouth, sometimes they are full. But unlike his siblings they are these huge, goofy open mouth smiles. LOVE IT! We figure that little man will be crawling first because of his superior upper body strength. He has managed to nearly army crawl his way off the couch several times and can lift his while upper body up. He has even managed to roll over once earlier this month. It's crazy to watch.

One of the most common comments we receive from people when they learn that we have triplets is "you must be busy." Well it's true, we are. BUT we were busy before they came along. It was just a different kind of busy. That was a many meeting, lots of activities kind of busy versus diaper changing, lots of feedings kind of busy. I'm sure you are busy too! When I first learned that we were pregnant with these three I was 1. in shock and 2. a little depressed/scared. This was because I didn't know how we'd/I'd do it not to mention the scare tactics our doctor used to "encourage" us after that first ultrasound (ie bedrest at 20 weeks, early delivery, airlifted to U of M etc, etc) First I decided the doctor was wrong, I mean how would she know what this pregnancy was going to be like or how it would end?? Not only did I prove her wrong (take that S. D!!!!) but I proved all the people who thereafter who were less then encouraging wrong. (Mind you I am NOT talking about my friends). Here we are 3 months into it and we're doing it!!!! We get more sleep then lots of parents with singletons (5-7 hrs) and we are a well-oiled triplet caring machine. AND I'm loving almost every minute of it. Well, let's face it if I said EVERY minute it would mean I love the crying (I don't) and enjoy the 3 year old tantrums (I definitely don't). We don't get out much but I made my first MOPS meeting with all three and soon we'll hit church as a family. Having triplets has had its downs (NICU, c-section, inconsolable crying, pumping) but it also has LOTS of ups. One of these is the opportunity I've had to appreciate the little things about each of them. For instance, if it weren't for having triplets I would never have noticed Grant's energy level, his snorty cry or love of tummy sleeping as much. Or Ella's feminine chatter, inhaled excitement squeals and wide-eyed looks. Or Henry's faster growth, easy-going manner or silly grins. I love that I get to see their individualism so clearly. In addition, I get 3 times the smiles, 3 times the adorable cooing and get to look forward to 3 times the "love you mama," 3 times the hugs, and 3 times the kisses. What could be better then that????

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Reflections on my 31st Birthday

First things first, pictures of the kiddos. Because really aren't they more interesting?

Grant & Ella

The kids with their "friend" Ethan, Abi's new brother.


Ella smiling!

Evie making silly faces. I don't know where she learned it though. Just out of the blue...must've been a classmate at preschool!

Don't mess with me brothers!!! I may be a girl but I'm one tough cookie!

Chubba Bubba



Henry & Grant

I seriously cannot believe that another year has passed. Turning 30 didn't seem like a big deal. But for some reason I've been thinking how crazy it is that I've been on this planet 31 years. That really is a huge chunk of time. Now don't confuse that statement with me saying that I feel old...I don't. At least not on a daily basis. When I think back to this day a year ago I can't believe all that has occurred. I am a mother of 4 under 3. I've been married for 5 years. I've been a doctor and chiropractor for over 6 years. I can't believe that this is my life! Every year since 2008 I've done a scrapbooking project called "a week in the life" which is a picture documentation of our life at the moment. It's fun to see what we are doing now and compare it to last year or the year before. Currently this is what my daily routine with 4 looks like:

5:30-6:45a first feeding of the day, triplets back to sleep til next feeding
7-8a Evie up, mom shower and pump, Shawn off to work MWF
8-9 breakfast for mom and Evie, cup of coffee, empty and load dishwasher, clean kitchen
8:30a Evie and dad leave for preschool T/Th
9-10 feed babies (typically each feeding takes 1 1/2 hours)
10-11:30 clean up, give bathes (Evie M/F, triplets W/Su)
11a on T/Th drive to town to pick Evie up from preschool
12 lunch for Evie, begin babies 3rd feeding (diaper changes before all feedings)
1:30pish afternoon nap for triplets and Evie
1:30ish mom cleans more, pumps, relaxes etc
3ish feed triplets
4:30ish pump, start dinner
5:30-6:30 dinner, Shawn home, feed triplets
6:30-8:30 triplets witching hour, clean up from dinner and Evie toys, Shawn prepare for night feedings and work tomorrow
8:30 Evie to bed, begin triplets last feeding
9:30-11 everyone asleep
2-3a feeding (this can vary)

The first feeding of the day dictates the rest of our schedule. The triplets eat every 3 hours. Typically the first feeding occurs at 6 or 6:30a. I am hoping to move to a 4 hour feeding schedule at some point. Also missing from this routine is activities with Evie, exercise etc. This is unacceptable and I'm working to change that. Love that I have triplets, hate that I feel like nothing ever gets done or accomplished. What gets me through is the following: this too shall pass. How quickly infancy and toddler-hood passed with Evie. Now she is a preschooler. These 3 will soon be too and I will have regretted wishing for this period to be done just so things could be a might "easier." Really though does parenthood get easier?? Or does one difficulty make way into another. For instance, Evie was a TERRIBLE sleeper but so happy that we'd get comments about how happy she was. Now she is a great sleeper but the tantrums happen frequently. Soon we will finish with tantrums and lead into a new pattern of parenting discipline. I am hoping that I am living as much in the present as possible. Learning from if not enjoying those difficult moments for what they are and loving everything in between.

For my birthday I was blessed to receive a "nook" from Shawn and Evie. What is a nook? It is an electronic book reading device. I am currently reading Pride & Prejudice which only cost 95 cents. Crazy the changes that have occurred in the last 31 years. What is to happen in society in the next 31?? I guess I will have to wait and see. It seems like technology, however, is changing faster then I can comprehend or appreciate. For instance, I have no interest in viewing every movie and certainly every television show in 3-D, yet that is one of the commonly heard items during advertisements of the latest release. 5 years from now I will be outdated as everyone else owns a 3-D television and we just bought our first flat-screen. We also don't own a blue-ray (gasp!).

I am very happy to have done SOME scrapbooking. Here is the pages I've gotten done. The first are of my pregnancy. Click on the picture to view larger to read the journaling. The last is of Evie and her best friend Abi. I just love this picture of them. Evie was almost 2 and Abi 18 mo. We are going to attempt our first walk to the park in this crazy-for-October warm weather. Evie and Abi of course will love it. The triplets will most likely be oblivious.