Friday, June 25, 2010

31 weeks

Me and my 4 "babies"

Note: this was written on Friday but due to several busy days and tornado warnings at night I was unable to post this until now.

How far along? 31 weeks
I'm feeling: lots of itching!!! It's been crazy the last week. Today was not so bad. I'm not sure if that means a huge growth spurt last week or what. All I know is that if I need to itch so they can grow...bring on the belly lotion and hydro-cortisone cream!! Napping is done every day and I'm trying to take it easy...even when my mind says "get to work!"
My highlights from the week: Honestly I don't remember the week! Looking back at my calender we did go to Minneopa Park with Lyn and Verlynn and it is beautiful there. A VERY nice park with water falls that would be a delight to hike and explore...if I wasn't 31 weeks pregnant with triplets. BUT we will be back over and over again!! We had been to the campground several years ago and it was also nice. I immediately called my parents who have a new motor home and told them that I expect them to be out there camping next summer so we can also go camping! I also was able to go to a book club on Monday night. This is something I've wanted to do for YEARS, I am so excited and we had a great night. We read the book "Fireproof." Not the greatest book ever written but our next book "Chosen" by Ginger Garrett looks like it will be great.
My baby's are: according to the US yesterday Baby Girl A is 3 lbs (which is a 1lb gain from 2 weeks ago-AWESOME!), Baby Boy B is 3lbs 1oz and Baby Boy C is 3lbs 2ozs. We had a biophysical US which measures the following: the baby's heart rates, muscle tone, movement, breathing, and the amount of amniotic fluid around the babies. There must be 8 specific things they look for because they were all rated 8/8. It was neat to see their practice breathing movements. Baby Boy C had hiccups too, so cute. When they are doing the breathing movements and getting hiccups it is a good sign that their lungs are maturing!! It also means that their central nervous system is mature.
Labor Signs: nothing yet. At least that I'm aware of. I had a non stress test yesterday as well where they hook me up to a fetal heart monitor and a contraction monitor. For 40 minutes I was monitored and there were 0 contractions. Apparently, as my OB pointed out I am doing "awesome physically." Woot, woot for me!! The heart rate monitoring also went awesome. Shawn asked the nurse(s) if they had monitored triplets before and it was a big N-O. Be-Cause no one had ever made it that far in the pregnancy that were still under their care. CRAZY!! Look out comes a walking miracle!! Seriously though we rejoice and praise God that I've made it this far, still feeling great without bed rest.
Belly Button in or out? Belly button? What belly button?? I don't think I've had one for 10 weeks now. Luckily my belly button was never deep so it more or less flattened out, none of that gross popping out.
Current projects: Still cleaning house. It's a slow going project when you are resting so much. Top of my list this week is dusting Evie's room, dusting our bedroom and organizing my scrapbook stuff...besides showering before noon. As far as "stuff" to do, my friends Sara and Mike will be visiting tomorrow (Saturday) and I am so excited. Sara is 4 weeks behind me in her pregnancy and I can't wait to chat. Shawn and Mike are going golfing, his first time in many, many months. I have another OB appointment on Wednesday with the same tests. They have switched to weekly appointments with regular monitoring now. I have joined a multiples group in MK and they are having a picnic Sunday. This should be fun, though I am a bit of a shy person so big gatherings are hard for me. I have a few odds and ends to get like nursing bras, pajamas, sound machine, and hand print kit but I do not feel the need to rush. I'm wondering when I should start packing a bag for the hospital since we continue to do well. I am going to have Shawn install the car seats at 32 weeks just in case but also feel no rush where that is concerned. It is amazing where we are at right now in this pregnancy. I really thought I'd be on bed rest, possibly hospitalized with contractions and problems. So far...nada. It has left me a little disoriented. I don't even have limitations other then 30 lbs, which technically is still a lot. I will have a 10 lb lifting limit after the c-section, imagine that!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Please don't forget...

...this sweet little girl!

Yes, we are having triplets. Yes, there will be new babies in the house. Yes, this is a first for both families. Yes, this is amazing, awesome and ___________ (fill in with whatever adjective you find apporopriate.)

But...she is awesome. She is amazing. She will be a BIG SISTER! She will be turning 3. She will be starting preschool. She is silly. She loves Dora, reading books (especially Berenstein Bears), and going on a "walk." She is potty trained, she goes to bed easily, she wakes up with a smile (most of the time), her best friend is Abi, and she loves to be outside. She still plays a lot with her babies, she enjoys carrying around a backpack, she is ALWAYS on the move, she only likes apple juice with water, she loves her toes painted, insists on getting "dessed" herself, is stubborn and independent. She gives me approximately a million kisses a day, insists on "man-naids" for every owie, asks "why?" all the time, and is still the sunshine of our lives. She wakes me up in the morning yelling "mommy" or "daddy" but doesn't climb out of bed. She isn't sure about all this baby stuff going on, it's like we've brought in stuff she can't play with, on or in. She is an awesome helper. She is going to be a great sister!

In the excitement of the upcoming arrival of the triplets, one of our greatest worries as parents is that Evelyn will be overshadowed by everything that is baby. And that in the coming years she won't feel "special" because she isn't a triplet. It breaks our hearts that she would EVER consider herself less special or less anything. Please keep that in mind in your visits, questions, excitement and help. She needs the special attention too, if not more!

Friday, June 18, 2010

30 weeks

How far along? 30 weeks give or take
I'm feeling: HOT, dang HOT! I have restless leg syndrome every night, which means taking OTC Tylenol PM just to get to sleep but sleep is worth it. My pubic bone is really sore, as it was with Evie. Most of the time I only notice it when I am turning over in bed, but now I can feel it when I first start walking in the morning or when I get up to pee at night. The last few nights my belly has really itched and I had to use extra lotion. There are red streaks everywhere! I am glad to sacrifice my "perfect" belly for their growth. I'm hoping to see OVER 4 lb babies at the next US.
My highlights from the week: Getting to see the babies again on US. Visiting IA and having a 3rd baby shower. Shopping for baby stuff...I love shopping in general. I'm not sure if it was in the last week but I found out from my good friend A that she is expecting again!! I am so happy for her and her husband! CONGRATULATIONS!!
My babies: According to the US on Friday: Baby Girl A is 2 lbs, Baby Boy B is 2lbs 12oz, and Baby Boy C is 2 lbs 7 oz. There is an error of +/- 3.5 oz. They all were moving good and although it is not easy to get as many measurements at this point all looked good. Both A and B are head to my right and obviously Baby C is head left. I keep thinking that Baby C is pushing up with his butt on my belly, since it appears/feels so round, but he actually is facing up so it is most likely his feet and he is stretching his limbs. Baby A and Baby B are facing each other, the US tech said they are already sharing secrets. We got a good picture of this.
Triplets vs. Singleton: I know that everyone is curious how this pregnancy differs from Evie's. I believe that God has prepared me to carry triplets my whole life! 1. He gave me wide hips. I think this is the reason I still look "small" to most people. The babies lie across instead of up and down and my wideness gives them more room to do so. I always wanted to be slim like some of my girl friends but God knew better. 2. I gained 50-60 lbs before Evie's pregnancy. With her and the extra weight I was bigger/heavier then I am now. If it weren't for carrying all that extra weight I might have experienced this pregnancy differently now that I've put on 50 lbs. Luckily I lost the 50-60 lbs before this pregnancy or who knows how it could've gone! Otherwise, the nausea at the beginning of the pregnancy was 3x as bad, which isn't too bad considering. With Evie I had nausea from approximately 6-8 a.m. and with these guys it was nausea all day long. The stretch marks have been worse. Energy is about the same, from what I remember. Pain wise it's the same. Things are obviously arriving a little sooner in the pregnancy then with Evelyn. Overall, it hasn't been worse or better. About the same...see how God was preparing me!!
Current projects:
I finished putting all of the IA gifts away and all of the stuff I bought that are "necessary" to finish the babies rooms and be prepared for their arrival. There are a few things we need to get yet, which I will most likely purchase next week. The breastfeeding pillow arrived and it is MUCH bigger then I expected. I could feed toddlers on it...not that that will happen. Obviously it makes for a good play area.
The stroller is NOT here yet, despite the seller saying it would arrive by yesterday. Finally received a call from them telling me it was back ordered and should be sent out next week...we'll see. We received a crib AND mattress at the IA shower and that is Shawn's (with his dad's help) big project this weekend. I am so excited!!!! Next week we have an OB apt with a biophysical US (check fluid levels and baby movements) as well as a non-stress test. I am also going to be contacting the specialty clinics patient relations department in regards to some information we received at our Friday appointment. The head doctor stated that we would not be able to take ANY photos or videos of the birth of our triplets. I am NOT happy with this answer and will make sure that we are allowed to take them. The appointment at the U of M did not end very well for me in this department and I was not happy with the answers we received. I had a dream that the kiddos were born and moved to a new room without my knowledge or consent, when I tried to find them everyone was very vague. That about sums up how I felt about the questions I asked. The answers were sometimes so vague I didn't know if they'd even given an answer. I am not one to leave decisions about my body, my health and my babies for the doctors to decide at their whim! Watch out U, you have a very pregnant and hormonal woman coming after you!!
What I will miss about pregnancy: The shelf that is now my belly. It has become very convenient to hold plates, pens, and other items. The movements of the babies. Despite getting to feel it everyday it is something that I LOVE and will miss greatly, especially if this is my last pregnancy

Thursday, June 10, 2010

29 weeeks

How far along? 29 weeks give or take
I'm feeling: Worse compared to last week. Apparently I shouldn't have said anything last week about feeling so good! I've developed restless leg syndrome (RLS), to a greater degree. Usually an adjustment helps but I think I'm past that point. Heartburn is a little worse but the the big kicker is the fatigue that started on Sunday. My belly is especially itchy today and the stretch marks are looking really red so I must be growing more. You'd think with three babies in there that I would be full all the time or at least not be able to eat much BUT I'm hungry all the time!!! Shawn was feeding me every 15 minutes on Saturday, I felt ridiculous! I've had a little bit of an increase in my blood pressure. Nothing to worry about per my OB, but it's weird seeing numbers so "high" for me. Just FYI "high" to me is 114/75. Normal is 103/68. My BP this morning was back in my normal range so I'm a little less worried about it. The OB related that nothing would officially be done regarding it until it's in the 140's.
Baby highlights from the week: I had a regular OB appointment today and heartbeats were healthy between 142 bpm and 158 bpm. The babies are moving all the time. The RLS has kept me up late the last couple of nights and I especially noted movements at approximately 12:30 am. I'm hoping that this is related to the GLEE music I was enjoying and not a habit that will continue after their arrival. My belly is measuring 33 cm. This number usually corresponds with how far along you are in the pregnancy, so for me that means the belly is measuring 33 weeks. I thought that seemed low so I asked if I was carrying wide and she said yes. It makes sense as the babies are all sideways versus up and down.
Sleep: Good when I actually fall asleep. I wake up every 2 hours (sometimes longer) because of either 1. having to pee or 2. my hips cramping up being in the same position. Last night was the first time I rolled over where I felt I needed Shawn's assistance. I didn't wake him up but he should start expecting it soon (hint, hint).
Cravings: Just lots and lots of food! Nothing in particular. I am trying to eat lots of fruits especially now that there are so many in season. I also treated myself to the new cheeseburger doritos. They were delicious!!
What no one tells you: Everything!!!!! There is no literature out there for being pregnant with triplets. Sometimes it seems like even the OB's are not sure about anything. I've gotten one teeny-tiny manual for triplets, talked with a nutritionist and visited a few forums but really the information for singletons and twins is immense compared to triplets and above!
What I miss: I don't miss alcohol as I am not much of a drinker. I've never eaten sushi so I'm not missing that. Though we have a new restaurant in MK that I am looking forward to trying when the triplets are here. We are already thinking about our first date after the babies arrive. What I really miss is the little things you often take for granted: picking stuff off the floor, energy to do normal things, picking up things without thinking about the weight, breathing, shaving my legs, painting my toenails etc. I really miss being "normal."
Current projects: I have been spending a lot of time researching breast pumps. Other triplet moms recommend renting one but that can only last so long AND our insurance never covered it with Evie, I doubt it will be covered with these guys. My current one is uncomfortable and was used when I bought it. Still waiting for my nursing pillow and quad stroller to arrive. I am continuing the house cleaning project. Most of the house is organized to my satisfaction, now I have to do the "normal" stuff like dusting and vacuuming. It really needs to be done, but honestly I loathe it. I would love to organize all day, but cleaning YUCK! I am also working on scrapbooking. With Evie I finished our wedding album. With these guys I'd love to say I got caught up on Evie's scrapbook, which is probably not a reasonable goal based on how far behind I am already.
Up next: We have our specialty appointment tomorrow. Another 1.5 hr appointment where all we do is enjoy looking at our babies. We also are supposed to talk about our "birth plan" which really means we will ask a lot of questions and see what they say in response to our questions and concerns. We will also head to IA in the future to visit Shawn's parents/family and have our third baby shower. We will have had one for each baby now. Once this one is done we will be able to determine those things which we need to buy on our own. More organization and prep! YEAH! I am planning to also work on getting the 2 cribs our friends have offered us. I will not be able to relax until they are up and ready for the triplets arrival, regardless of how soon they will use them.
Other weekly highlights: I signed Evie up for the summer reading program in MK. She even got her own library card. I remember distinctly the joy I felt as a child when my mom took us to the library. How fun it was having that card and the excitement of checking out books. I think that is part of my love of reading and I hope that this encourages Evie's as well. She really enjoyed picking out her books and giving the librarian her card. It took a little bit of time before she would let us read them to her, but we've been enjoying them. I'm not sure she understands that they are only borrowed, she refers to them as "my books." We went to a state park yesterday with my friend Rachel and Evie's BFF, Abi. The park includes a really neat "pool" with a sandy bottom and shore. It was a little chilly but Evie enjoyed playing in the water and sand. Definitely something I could do again, if the belly agrees. I've found some fun triplet onsies online and with a friend doing most of the work we are getting crafty and are creating some fun outfits. Evie will also be getting a few new shirts and I am as excited about them as I am about the quad stroller.

12 weeks

29 weeks

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

She's got the pout

I can't resist these pouty pictures of Evelyn. Too adorable not to include in her scrapbook. So different then she is today. Shawn went to a seminar so she was in bed before he got home. But she heard him come in and she said "daddy!" He went in to say good night and she proceeded to tell him ALL about her day. Luckily, he can't understand all she tells him because I'm thinking that some day it could be tattling on mommy! Not that I've been naughty...but who knows what she will tell him in the future.

Up Next: 29 weeks

Sunday, June 6, 2010

If I'm Sitting Down

I think that my babies have gotten bigger and my belly/skin has just realized it so I've done a little bit more sitting around (then I'd like). So to make myself feel productive I've been working on digital pages for Evie's scrapbook. So pardon if I'm updating this blog more frequently with scrapbook pages. But as a bonus for you, you get to see Evie a lot more AND this will give you some glimpses as to what these 3 babies may look like when they are born.

P.S. The journaling says "this is what relaxed looks like." Wouldn't you love to be able to sleep this hard?

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Splish Splash

Since we've entered that time of year where rain is likely and the resulting puddles are a joy to little girls named Evelyn, I sat down to digitally scrapbook this day that occurred almost a year ago. I finally gave Evie permission to take a walk through her first big puddle. She loved it! She was wearing her sandals but wanted to take them off so she sat right where she was at, in a puddle!! Today was the first day warm enough for her to enjoy splashing through the puddles, which she did for nearly all of our walk to and from the mailbox. I don't blame her! What FUN!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

28 weeks

How far along? 28 weeks yesterday or today or maybe tomorrow-it depends
I'm feeling: Surprisingly energetic, sometimes a little "big." My belly is really hard when I'm standing or sitting hard chairs which feels slightly uncomfortable. No serious "pains" or complaints. Right now I am hungry and still amazed and delighted at these baby movements. Baby Boy C loves to stretch out a lot and that's what I feel and see. It's crazy cool!
My 3 peas can now: blink their eyes which have lashes and hopefully weigh about 2 1/2 pounds (which would make my weight gains a little easier on my mind)
What will you be doing in the fall?: Hopefully I will be getting the hang of this mothering triplets thing. Crying when Evie begins preschool. Taking lots of naps (I can wish). Learning how to be super organized and super scheduled!
Baby highlights from the week: My belly has gotten to the point where I can inadvertently knock things over. It's like I went from driving a small Cavalier to a large minivan and not realizing it's bigger take corners too short. Luckily these "dings" are not costly. We bought our stroller today on Amazon. It's actually a quad 2 by 2. We discussed our options and decided that Evie just isn't old enough, big enough or strong enough yet to endure long walks to the park or full day zoo events without the option of a break now and again. In addition, she still rides in the cart at stores so when I go shopping I figure shopping with the stroller will be easier then pushing a cart too. We are hoping it is going to be a good choice for us. It folds up fairly well-for a quad stroller-and weighs 57 lbs. I figure that carrying around 3 babies and their gear should bulk me up enough that 57 lbs will be nothing. I also bought a nursing pillow. I tried a boppy with Evie but spent more time trying to keep the thing under Evie then I did using it. I finally gave up after awhile and just held her without support. It's a good thing she's tiny! I bought a My Brest Friend from my friend Andrea who sells them from her office and then she forwarded me an email from the manufacturer with a new model... for nursing twins. Soooooo, I'm selling my current pillow and bought the bigger deluxe model. Looking forward to trying it out as I nurse 2 babies tandem.
Sleep: Pretty good still. I won't complain too much. It's been much easier this time around. A few hip cramps. Some restless leg. And I get up about 3 times a night to pee. It's a good thing too because I sleep so hard and the belly is so big and heavy that I don't move much at all. It gives me a chance to switch to my other side. I'm not normally a back sleeper but during this pregnancy and Evie's I'd fall asleep on my side and wake up on my back-every time. With Evie this went until she was born, despite Shawn's attempts to get me on my side. This time around it ended about the 24th week. I think my body knows that the babies are too heavy and are going to cut of any circulation to them and the lower half of my body.
Movement: Pretty much 24/7. I don't feel much when I'm up and moving, which is typical. I'm hippy and waddle so they are very much lulled to sleep anytime I'm on my feet. I can't feel hiccups yet, not sure if I ever will.

Cravings: None. Never really have too much of this.
Currently reading: Strong Women, Soft Hearts
Names: Not telling on here until the big announcement of their births. Ask me in person and I will tell you.
Projects: Organizing, organizing , organizing! I am working to get every single cupboard and shelf organized. We have a small house and LOTS of stuff for many people, and no basement. I've got to find somewhere to put it that isn't on the floor. Actually enjoying myself immensely. I just organized under the kitchen sink today and it looks so much better and easier to get to. I make myself a list of about 10 things to get done everyday. Don't worry, two of those are shower before noon and make the bed. I also have a longer list of stuff to do including dusting and other cleaning. Crossing stuff off makes me feel productive especially when I spend more time then I'd mentally like (but physically need) sitting on my butt.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Our May

So long time no talk, huh? Here is a photo recap of our May. Starting with the above picture. Despite several tries, Evelyn would not look at the camera for a family photo. But still-look at that gorgeous smile. Shawn and I look pretty cute too! Evelyn and I were in GR for about 10 days visiting family, which included my sister Keesha and nephew Xander. Shawn joined us for the weekend and was able to go with my dad and Evie on Evie's first 4-wheeler ride. Shawn's dream is to one day own one. He had a blast. Unfortunately it will have to wait until we buy a few other things, like a house. He will probably have to wait like my dad did until he's over 50, we'll hope not.

Evie and daddy.

Xander on his first ride on the 4-wheeler. He enjoyed it but didn't ask to go on it as much as Evelyn. She asked for many rides, she especially liked going with Gampa. He bought this special toddler sized helmet just so he could take them out.

My new favorite picture. The lighting isn't great, but isn't it such a neat picture of father and daughter. She definitely has him wrapped around her fingers. This picture represents so many things to me. His love for her and vica versa. The huge responsibility dads have in raising their daughters. How important they are in woman determining their self worth and view of men. How much little girls look up to their daddies. How much they imitate them.

Evelyn's first ride. Technically the last time Xander was in MN they also had a ride but that was over a year ago. I'm sure it's like going for the first time again, a year later. I think the joy Evie found in these rides helped her to enjoy the swings when we got back to MK. Shawn took her to the park and he said she squealed and laughed.

Still a little big for her but she can grow into. This will probably be our last trip to GR until after the triplets come, and then that might take us awhile too.

Get a glimpse at my huge shadow!!! I couldn't resist the picture. You are lucky I'm willing to share. The triplets sure are changing my "slender" physique. Glad to sacrifice my bikini body to them. Not that I was ever wearing a bikini before this pregnancy, but...

My adorable cake at the shower in GR. The shower was a HUGE blessing!! It took me nearly 10 days to organize everything we received from it and the one my church threw for me. It's amazing what gifts the kids received and again I have to say how overwhelming the love we have been shown by friends and family is. We appreciate it immensely. We are having our 3rd shower in IA in a few weeks. With all that we've received and probably will be receiving there is going to be very little necessities we will actually need to purchase ourselves. Outside of a stroller (which we've also had help with) and many, many diapers. THANK YOU!!!

Gampa Verlynn and Gamma Lyn as well as Auntie Laura were able to make it to GR for the shower and the weekend. We had a pool party following the baby shower and had a blast. The kids played with these water shooters forever. Jessie, the bargain hunter, got them at the dollar store. Cheap but full of fun!!

Xander's favorite part of swimming was jumping by himself (with some catching by mommy) into the pool! He was a jumping bean!!!

We had a small celebration for Xander's 3rd birthday. Unfortunately, we will be unable to travel to TX for the actual Cars themed celebration. We therefore had a few people over, opened gifts and had ice cream cake-which he requested.

He got his first fishing pole from Grandpa Jeff and Grandma Peggy, which he tried out that morning. I wasn't allowed to go along because of...well we all know that. So Grandpa took Evie, Xander and Keesha out. They both had a good time reeling. No actual fish were caught despite the water being filled with them. Not a good day for it. Evie and Xander wouldn't have caught anything anyhow as their bait only stayed in the water for the few seconds it took for them to be handed the pole. They LOVED it! Evie experienced another first by peeing in the boat-in a rigged up potty. FUN! There is a boat on display at our mall next to the Target. Every time Evie sees it she says "Gampa boat?" She would love to go again. My parents bought a 31 foot camper which sleeps 8 with great plans to take the grand-kids camping. I have very fond memories of doing this with my grandparents and I can't wait for them to experience the same. I am hoping to bum a ride as well, another thing Shawn and I would like to do more of. We have a tent but haven't used it since I was pregnant with Evie.

Enjoying the warm weather-Finally! It seemed like it warmed up for a bit and then the cold came again. It finally warmed up while we were in GR, I was so ready for it. Notice the water on the back of Evie's capris. She stepped in the bubbles and flipped the tray over. Gampa showed her how to use the big wands but she couldn't quite get the hang of it. Xander mostly sat and blew bubbles from the wand. Evie, imitating gampa, twirled in a circle (not quite what gampa Jeff did) and promptly fell down. It didn't deter her from twirling around and around. She didn't get a lot of bubbles but had A LOT of fun!!

Xander's last minutes here. Can you tell I wanted to cry already? 10 days seems long but it was SHORT. Wish they could spend forever here, but that would call living here and well that isn't going to happen. Luckily, they will back after the triplets are born. 7 short days then. I can't wait, I'm sure I will be busy so it will go even faster. I miss you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We were able to sell our Impala (sniff) and get our minivan. You can see it behind Evie. Isn't it hot?!?! I'm a pretty cool mama in it. We already LOVE many of its conveniences, including the side and rear doors that are automatic. The stow and go seating and the extra space. I've only experienced a few downsides: 1. No extender on the shade 2. the cruise doesn't set exactly right and 3. lots of people pull out in front of me thinking that minivan drivers are slow drivers. I'm not. They are! So annoying. Still thinking about painting flames on the side just to make it seem a little cooler but priorities being what they are this probably won't happen. We were so excited that with a larger vehicle we could pick up a pool for Evie that had a built-in slide. From far away it looked fairly small but once we were standing in front of it we realized that not only would it not fit in our van, it wouldn't fit in our friends SUV. So we bought the smaller substitute, which Evie enjoys. Then we rigged it with the slide we bought. She's having a blast despite the pools small size. She had her BFF over Memorial Day and they splashed and slide til it was nearly empty of water and Evie was shivering with cold.

Totally random belly picture. Doesn't it look huge from this angle?? I was resting in bed, so ignore the sheets. But Baby C (the top boy) likes to stick out his butt (and sometimes his head). This is what was happening here. Can you see how lopsided my belly is? It feels like I'm contracting and then I realize-nope-it's just him stretching. We haven't taken any videos yet. Mostly because it would primarily be of Baby C. His and his brother's movements are the ones you primarily see. Their little sister would be left out and I'm not sure how to correct this. Most of her movements (besides the hard whacks) are felt inside my pelvis, since this is where she is sitting. We'll see...

Evie got this dress from Auntie Keesha. Totally on her own she stripped down buck-naked and put it on. I got several other pictures but they are to risque to post. She is twirling here. We had a few good fights this day because she refused to wear underwear. I don't mind the naked thing with the exception that she wear at least underwear.

Evie and daddy after they paused in their dancing. A favorite new activity for her, though she still loves a good ring around the rosie. Daddy does too!

Baby/Pregnancy Update: I am sorry I have no US pics to share. They only give me a hard copy, which I'd have to scan to disc to get on here. I will try to do this asap. We had our appointment over a week ago. They are all growing perfectly within their designated weeks and all closely together. Baby Girl A is 1lb 12oz, Baby Boy B is 1lb 14oz and Baby Boy C is 1lb 11oz. The doctors are thrilled with this. By now they should be over 2 lbs, maybe 2 lbs 8 oz. So far their weight is not unbearable. I am starting to have a few more late pregnancy problems like increased allergies and restless leg syndrome. Luckily I have a good chiropractor who has helped with the later. We asked the doctors about if we'd be able to go longer into the pregnancy as I am at almost 28 weeks without complications or bedrest. It is possible that I may make it past 36 weeks, IF the babies continue to grow well, have enough fluid and I am doing well. So far my blood pressure is awesome (last doctor measurement last week was 96/68), I have no signs of gestational diabetes (it was also negative last week), I am above the cervix measurement requiring bed rest, contractions are still few and far between. We will just have to wait and see. We will be talking to them about a c-section birth plan at our next specialty appointment in less then 2 weeks. We will be scheduling our 36 week, just in case, c-section in 4 weeks. Crazy that they could be here in about 8 weeks. I have been working like crazy to organize our house. I had to find room for all their food, 30 baby bottles, toys, new clothes etc. We're getting there but I have an endless list of to-do's. My first priority is just keeping the house clean and free of clutter. I was expecting to go past the due date with Evelyn so our house was pretty unorganized and messy when she came right on time. I am planning to not have to go through that again. My mom ended up doing a lot of cleaning while she was here the week after her birth. It's a well known fact, and has been medically documented, that a woman's brain shrinks during pregnancy. This is called pregnancy brain. With Evie this showed up as missing vocabulary. While I knew the word I was searching for I could not recall it to my tongue. This made conversations hard because the words were not especially difficult ones, and they were ones I used often in every day conversations. I didn't regain this ability until about 6 months before this pregnancy. Needless to say I was nervous about the current brain shrinkage. However, with this pregnancy my usually great spelling skills have disappeared. I have not been able to spell the following: equivalent, privilege, and vica versa. Normally these are not difficult words for me. Also new for me is this big belly that knocks stuff over. That just happened to me yesterday. I've bumped into counters and the like but never unintentionally hit something with it. I feel like if I ever get to the point where I am so big I knock Evie over then I will probably force myself to go on bed rest. Then again probably not.

Hope you feel caught up!