Saturday, September 26, 2009

Silly Saturday

Just a little background before you watch the video. I was in the kitchen in the internet or reading my Bible while Evie watched Sesame Street in the living room. Then out of the corner of my eye I see Evie doing this. In case you have difficulty understand what is being said on the show: they are wingersizing (exercising their wings) both fast ("and fast and fast...) and slow (and slow and slow...). She is reacting to the fast. It was so adorable I rewound just so I could tape it!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Lots of wonderful pictures

Evie had her 2 year photos done by a good and super talented friend of ours, Suszi. The good side: lots of photos of our precious Evelyn. The down side: LOTS of pictures (274 to be exact) of our precious Evelyn! Here's where you come in. I'm taking your votes of your favorites. Give me your top 5. I'll announce the winners in a few days. I have to warn you though that it will be a challenge, I hope your up to it.



































Aren't they spectacular? Now you know why Shawn and I are having some difficulty picking a "favorite". Please help!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Almost Wordless Wednesday

I'm a day late...blame Shawn;o) But this is definitely worth the wait! SHE is what is making me happy!! Don't mind the minor technical problems in the beginning...she's so silly. I knelt to get a better picture of her but she has to kneel with me so back up we went.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Evie's 2nd Birthday Par-Tay!

Evie's birthday party was a lot of fun, especially for the birthday girl! Here's how it went in pictures:

Playing with BFF, Abi! Notice they picked the smallest spot in the house to play.

Playing catch with Uncle Brandon & Auntie Laura.

Getting Pete's Dragon from Grandma & Grandpa A. I can't show you the awesome present (a rocking horse) from her Grandma & Grandpa V because cousin Xander is getting one too and we can't ruin the surprise! But I will tell you it is AWESOME!!

Awesome headbands from Great Auntie Vel. She insisted I wear one too!
Opening presents from Auntie Keesha, Uncle Chris & Xander. She got 2 new Elmo DVD's she LOVES!!!! So fun to hear her laugh at them! They'll be handy on our trip to TX in a month to see them!
Friends Sara and Mike got her a Princess Belle dress. She loves it! IF you can't tell by the picture, she is loving it hard. She hugged it and swayed with it. Another example that my baby is a girly-girl!!

Grandpa A playing with Evie's toys, he thought it was pretty cool!
The tent she got from Auntie Jess & Uncle Goober, don't think she quite understood what it was.

The Elmo cake I made for Evie with everyone's help. Pretty good for my first (or second) try!
"Blowing" out the candles with daddy. She tends to blow up not out so she wasn't very successful this year. AND she "accidentally" touched the frosting and was distracted eating that instead working on the candles.

Eating cake! YUM!

Loving her awesome new tent!!! So does Abi!

Feeding her new friend, Cookie Monster!

He's "stuffed!"

My beautiful girl!!

Cute family!