Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Week in the Life-Saturday

5 a.m: Up and reading my dream, a John Maxwell devotional, and getting ready for my walk. I am early enough to meet Rachel at her door this morning.

6:20 a.m: Boys are up and cuddling with ampa on the couch. I take over the cuddles and upload photos to my blog.

6: 30 a.m: Henry practicing his mad walking skills. He loves to walk holding onto someone's hands.

6:45 a.m: Cuddles with amma. This is probably what they did most of the day while Shawn and I were gone.

6:45 a.m: Shawn making coffee for the road. He likes it with a little half-n-half and a tsp of sugar.

7:30 a.m: Ampa and amma feed the kids while I finish up last minute items and head to M. for the day.

7:30 a.m: Shawn has set up his booth at the Farmer's Market in M. When I arrive at 8:45a he is doing great!

8:05 a.m: I arrive at my Weight Watchers meeting and weigh-in. I am down 2.3 lbs, which is great since I gained 5lbs on vacation.

8:10 a.m: Attend my meeting which focuses on activities we can enjoy WITHOUT food.

8:30 a.m: I get a bravo sticker for not going overboard on food at our party last weekend. I think maybe I got one to because I started out by saying, "My triplets turned one...." I guess that fact deserves a bravo sticker in and of itself. Woop, I survived their first year;)

8:52 a.m: As I am entering Target to buy lunch I receive the counter offer call from our realtor. The sellers offer ($1900 off asking price) is a bit insulting. I am furious! So is Shawn!

9 a.m: Trying on new sunglasses. These were the winners. I needed new ones since mine broke and then to top it all off disappeared.

9:14 a.m: We make our best and final offer on the house. We wait all day for a reply but the sellers have no response. I think they just like to mess with people and make them wait. Our counter was ONLY $3000 below theirs and with the same contingencies.

9:30 a.m: Arrive at the AFC office to start imputing insurance EOB's {so we can bill patient's their portion of the cost of their care} and finish yesterday's post.

11:05 a.m: Take over for Shawn so he can have a quick lunch break courtesy of McDonalds.

12:30-4 p.m: Work on imputing. It is very boring, and I have to take frequent breaks or risk nodding off. I play a few Facebook games but overall finish half the month.

I couldn't stream my normal Christian radio station so I explored Pandora. I was an excellent way to enjoy my favorite music.

4:30 p.m: Not a bad drive home. Wearing my new shades, enjoying a blow pop {which I bought to reduce snacking...FUN!}

4:45 p.m: Pick up the mail which includes: information about renewal of the babies health insurance, a bill for van repairs, samples of toddler formula from Enfomil {tossed}, and "homework" for my next rheumatoid arthritis appointment.

5:30 p.m: Shawn makes us DELICIOUS mushroom and cheese omelets for dinner. He is a great egg cook {and a good cook in general}.

6 p.m: The flash doesn't capture the picture well but there is sunlight streaming through our front door and Grant was trying to "catch" adorable.

6:25 p.m: Shawn playing on the floor with the kids. Not an easy place for me to get up and down from with my arthritis so I enjoy the show from the couch. The kids later all want to be held by me...see below.

6:50 p.m: Shawn, Evie and I all enjoy a chocolate Popsicle.

7:15 p.m: Kids are clambering for my attention, and as usual ALL at the same time.

7:20 p.m: Evie being silly, imagine that! There is a better picture showing the toy on her head but I liked this shot of her better and well it's my blog so there!

7:30 p.m: Baby baths and bedtime routine.
7:45 p.m: Evie to bed early for disrespectful behavior {"I don't want to!" combined with constant whining and fake crying.}

5:30-11 p.m: Wonder and agonize over why no response from the sellers...jerks! How can they torture us like this?? At least that's how we feel. Reality is more likely to be less vindictive on their part.

8:30 p.m: Shawn goes for a 3 mile run. I watch Covert Affairs and try to find something to satisfy my ice cream craving. Nothing works but I manage to eat too much.

9:30 p.m: Get ready for bed: take out contacts, brush and floss teeth, wash face, apply toner and lotion.

10 p.m: I try to watch a little television and read my John Maxwell book but am too tired I give up and nod off. Shawn showered at 11 p.m. and bed right after this. It's a rare thing for me to be asleep before him.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

A Week in the Life-Friday

4:30 a.m: G-Man awakes. We head to the couch to let daddy sleep and we fall asleep together til approximately 6. Such a sweet time!! Grant I will wake up every morning at 4 to sleep/snuggle with you!

7:30 a.m: Feed babies and listen to Family Life program "Speaking Truth in Love" and hear this "Men see better then they hear." Take away: Nagging doesn't work...change a man by your attitude and actions. Easier to nag...just saying ;)

9 a.m: Evie eating oatmeal {had picture but finishing this on Shawn's vs my computer}. I am working on yesterday's blog post...honestly on the computer more this week then usual. I don't usually blog quite this much.

9:10 a.m: Evie is in timeout twice for disrespect {"Don't talk to me, MOM!"}. Serious issue this week, most likely from getting back from our vacation and grandparents. She was outside nearly 24/7 at my parents who live in the country and have a large yard and cement patio where she could ride bike. We have no yard, no cement and a road where people slow for no one, let alone children.

9:55 a.m: Silly Evie moment: she put this curling iron on her toe and then put a hat on it. Seemed odd but she thought she was "silly Evie" and laughed.

10 a.m: Evie asks to watch a movie. We pick out a new one from the baby's birthday stash and she enjoys "The Care Bear Movie," a total favorite of mine from childhood. Nothing like a "Care Bear stare!" She makes sure to include her favorite stuffed animals Monkey and Quack

10:44 a.m: Grant up from naps first and though not Auntie Jess's original intent with these puzzles, they do make great symbols as Grant can attest to. Also fun to drop!

11 a.m: Playing with a pop-up toy of the kids. It was enjoyable to flip them up and have them go crazy trying to keep them down, kind of like a low-tech version of the "pop the weasel" game.

11:20 a.m: Ella getting into the chalk. Something new they can reach and put into their mouths. Now the easel is empty of writing tools. As an easel goes it's pretty useless now. I find a new blog to enjoy "The Daily Garnish."

1 p.m: SURPRISE! I change more doodies ;)

1:15 p.m: Ampa and Amma A. arrive to watch kids for a working/busy weekend.

1:20 p.m: 3rd timeout of the day for shouting "I don't want to!" disrespectfully when I tell her to clean up her horrifically messy room. I once again talk to her about respecting mommy and tone.

1:30-2:45 p.m: Shawn interviews 3 applicants for the chiropractic position. One applicant definitely stands out above the rest starting with her humor, punctuality and professionalism.

3 p.m: Naptime. Ella is so adorable hugging her pink teddy bear. Trying a later nap time today which was a huge success {at least today...tomorrow may be a total failure...that's how it goes!} as even Grant slept 1.5 hours. Ella was the 2+ hour champ!!

3:15 p.m: Clean up kitchen, finish unloading the dishwasher and of course fill it right back up!

3:30-5:30 p.m: Make an offer on a home in M. Go through the purchase agreement and what seems like 100 addendums and addendums to the addendums. Really, why has paperwork gotten so ridiculous? Now to wait til 8:15 p.m. when she meets with the sellers.

5:40 p.m: Amma's dog in his kennel because he's a little naughty and likes to get at baby toys and honestly freaks Grant out a little when he's loose. But in his kennel? It's like Grant's own personal zoo!!

6:30 p.m: Out to eat at T. BBQ. Henry was being silly and then shy about his silliness. He was ADORABLE and as usual upheld his reputation as a flirt with the ladies.

6:45 p.m Evelyn patiently waiting for her corn dogs and applesauce.

7:45 p.m: T. is well-known for it's bread die for. I barely managed to remember to snap a picture before inhaling the rest. The kids enjoyed it too!
8 p.m: Walking home with all the kids in the quad stroller. You should've seen the stares when we walked in the restaurant with it!!! Notice the phone...even though the meeting hasn't occurred yet, I kept it with me at ALL times.

8:30 p.m: Bath time for Evie.

7:05-10 p.m: Shawn at the M.D. game with the BOB's {Band of Brothers} from church. Our team wins 12-1!!

9:25 p.m: Tara FINALLY calls...sellers are going to go home to discuss their counter offer and then meet with her at 8:15 a.m to present their offer.

10 ish: Shawn home. Discussion about the house and the offer. Off to bed at 11.

Friday, July 29, 2011

A Week in the Life-Thursday

5:30 a.m: Overslept...met Rachel on my road for walk.

5:45 a.m: Good Morning, Grant!

6:30a.m: Shawn goes for a 30 minute run {3miles I think} wearing these sock...yes, he looked ridiculous. Shawn, however, gets really bad blisters and decided to try out these socks. They helped so if you see a guy wearing silly socks out running...that's my hubby.

7 a.m: Good Morning, Henry!

7:30 a.m: Sweet morning hugs from Evelyn!

9 a.m: Waiting at M. Clinic for Dr. S. 12 month check-ups for the "babies." Kiddos were needing a nap so were a little whiny and impatient. Weights and other stats to follow in the kid's individual posts.

9:10 a.m: Ready for her check-up. All the kids were pronounced healthy and developmentally appropriate for their age. Big steps for babies born 5 weeks early!!!

10 a.m: Getting lead levels and hemoglobin checked. Ella cried the most and hardest, the boys {usually the drama kings} only slightly fussed.

10:30 a.m: This is what our van now looks with all of the carseats. New AMA recommendations are that toddlers are rear facing until age 2. Two of them are not heavy enough to be turned around anyhow {current law is that they must be 1 year AND 20 lbs} but we will follow the new recommendations and keep them like this til age 2. Research shows a 75% decrease in neck injuries/death!!!!!! Food for thought!

10:45 a.m: Evie enjoying Go Fish in the car: "I praise the Lord with my hands {clap, clap}, I praise the Lord with my feet {stomp, stomp}"

10:30 a.m: Driving home and on a conference call with our management company, Success call #6.

11:20 a.m: Grant is very crabby! Most likely because of a sore finger {blood work} and thigh {Prevnar vaccine}. Poor baby!! He was the crabbiest of all 3.

Grant-man's poor little pricked finger.

Henry sporting a cool band-aid from his vaccine.

11:50 a.m: Henry being adorable and playing in my lap.

Noon: Evie slammed her foot in the bathroom door. It looks worse in reality then I could capture on "film" and she was limping the rest of the day. The "owie" is also in the spot where her dress-up shoes sit and she was pretty upset and angry when she tried to put them on and it hurt. Poor thing!

12:30 p.m: Playing w/ a diaper box, which we have a lot of as we go through 2 boxes per week on average. That is 164 diapers. Total cost: $25.94. We buy generic at Wal-Mart, thank goodness. It saves us approximately $14.04 a week over brand-name, that's $730 a year-WOW!

12:35 p.m: Time-out for trying yelling or being selfish. One of many yesterday and she ended up with an early bedtime because of her behavior.

12:30 p.m: Shawn picks up treats for a BAW at Cub-breakfast rolls.

12:45 p.m: Shawn drops of treats at R. College for 50 people and includes gift certificates for care for all of the employees.

1 p.m: Part of Shawn's lunch for the day...popcorn!

1:30 p.m: Trying to do some work on the internet, including writing emails to our coach and daddy but having difficulty as Grant wanted to "help."

Shawn runs to the bank for change for the office.

2:30 p.m: Babies go down for nap. Read Evie the Bear's book "The Golden Rule" and discuss treating others with respect. She's very crabby so I "make" her take a nap but she thwarts my efforts with excuses and crying.

3:30 p.m: Crabby babies up {not that they are great nappers but naps seem even shorter}. This is/was the current state of our living room. Clean-up, organization and cleaning floors ensue. The floors are also cleaned as they are sandy and sticky from the weekends guests, party and the babies. Organize the toys as such: 3 bins for rotation of toys, infant toys for storage {mama sad}, Evie's toys in her room {to be cleaned and organized tomorrow}, one bag for Jessie who will be a mama in October {yipee} and one bag to give to "goodwill." Seeing the floors again is rather nice!

6:00 p.m: Kids love Toby! Grant especially had fun "wrestling" with him yesterday.

7 p.m: Writing down 1st birthday gifts in the kid's journals. Also being played on and around by the kids. Ella especially was silly as she kept throwing herself in my lap. I LOVED every minute!

8 p.m: Early bedtime for miss attitude. We switch reading and saying prayers with her. Tonight was daddy's turn, he is reading her a story that was a favorite of his when he was a kid.

Overheard: "It's pudding, nummy!!" I was asking Evie what her favorite food was {she used to answer "pizza" but when she saw me eating leftovers she said "I hate pizza!"} and going through all the foods she likes..."do you want _ or _?" She kept repeating pudding. So she asked why I was doing the quizzing and I told her and she had an epiphany about what her favorite food was.

With a little coaching calls Grant "Gant" instead of "Nant" or "GrrrNant." It's a start!