Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Henry, 8 months

Sitting up. He is wearing a sleeper passed down to him from his cousin Xander. I have pictures of him sitting in it too and plan to scrapbook page of the boys in it.

Brothers...hopefully they will be bff's.

Mommy enjoying some special quiet time with Henry...a rarity.

Daddy with his "boys." He's a pretty proud papa!!

At 8 months, Henry:

*Shakes his head side-to-side (like a quick no) in excitement. It happens during play or before night-nights. Anytime he is happy.

*Is wearing 6-9 month clothes and size 4 diapers (which was the size Evelyn wore last and didn't get in to until approximately 18-24 months).

*Has blue eyes, which I've been told are shaped like mine. He has dark hair which is short except for these long pieces which fluff out over his ears. Very adorable and endearing.

*Has pudgy hands-love them!

*Still loves to talk and growl. I think I might nickname him Pooh Bear. He still is very easy-going. Really good at chillaxing!

*Can sit for a few minutes without assistance. He rolls adeptly and quickly.

*Loves bananas. As soon as I start to peel one his hands shake in excitement. Yesterday he was making "mmmm" noises, like I would make for a really good cup of coffee or chocolate.

*Enjoys mum-mums which are these rice wafers that melt in their mouths but they can hold and enjoy.

*Has tried the following new foods this month: peaches (sour-yuck!), squash (delicious), banana pieces (double delicious), teething biscuits (slippery but yummy), and prunes (yum!).

*Has been sleeping in his crib most of the night except when he is congested. Probably would make it all night if we weren't worried his fussing would wake up Grant and Ella.

*Finally got his first tooth...bottom right on March 6th. Only symptom is congestion.

*Is an easy smiler, hard to get to laugh. Shawn was able to elicit giggles by kissing Henry's cheek/neck a]while tickling him with his whiskers.

*Loves music.

*Hates being tossed in the air or even shot into the air quickly. Gets quite the terrified look on his face.

*Has begun tipping over the play mat. This will be going into storage shortly, along with the bouncers which are not used very often. I'm kind of sad to see it it is another reminder that my babies are getting big. Only 4 more months and they will no longer be infants;o(

Friday, March 18, 2011

Once again...

So this guy (the big one, not the little one) has decided that major gallbladder surgery and the following complication that only 4% of our population suffer should once again be facing serious health problems. This time it involves the 2nd most important organ in the body...the heart (your nervous system ie. brain and spinal cord is #1). Shawn has been having chest pain for over 2 months (which he was Evie would say he was being "naughty") which has spread to his jaw and left arm. After trips to Now Care and the ER plus an EKG, stress test and an ECHO we are still left wondering what is going on. So far all results are negative including his blood work. Next they are doing a CT angiogram to check if he has coronary artery disease (a blockage) which would require a stint or a congenital abnormality of the arteries which would require MAJOR open heart surgery. Obviously I am in favor of the first possibility. There is also a chance of it being option #3...mysterious illness causing major problems! None of these are ideal situations. I am a total believer that "God works for the GOOD of those who love him." In the end this is all for Shawn's and mine and the families good but right now all I see is the possibility that Shawn may be staring down a HUGE surgery that will be life threatening. Please pray for answers and God's will in this. Pray for Shawn, for good outcomes. Pray also for our peace during this possibly tumultuous time. Thanks!!

Update: Shawn's CT was NORMAL!!! Very thankful for that. The cardiologist believes that Shawn is suffering from coronary artery spasm. This is a unconfirmed diagnosis as complete diagnosis is only confirmed after an invasive procedure, which he didn't recommend. He has put Shawn on a slow releasing nitrate, which so far has helped with the chest pain. However, as a side effect Shawn has developed a headache. This should diminish/go away the longer is on the medication. Please pray that this happens, the sooner the better. Thanks!!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

More pictures

Per several requests (and my own desire to show off my gorgeous, adorable children.):

Monday, March 7, 2011

New pictures

We had 6 month pictures taken in February, including some family ones. They turned out absolutely adorable. Here is a favorite of ours:

Friday, March 4, 2011

A few of my favorite things, 2011

Here is what I am using and loving right now:

My nook. I scoffed when this and the kindle first were introduced. I thought "ugh, I never want that!" But in reality it save SO much space, not only in the house but on the go. It is a lot lighter and easier to carry then some books. I can switch books if I get bored with one. It has a built in dictionary. I don't have to go to the store to get a new book, they download to it in seconds. I encourage you to get one, you'll love it.

My kids. Right now my life revolves around their every need. I love mothering. Chiropractic is what I do, mothering is what I am. I delight in them and they bring me great joy and fun!

Coffee plus Cappuccino mix. Current favorites are double mocha, white chocolate and caramel, and french vanilla (with french vanilla coffee). I can't wait for that first cup. I allow myself two a day and adore just sitting with the cup in my hands, smelling the deliciousness. A real luxury is a enjoying a cup (using my favorite mug from Mt. Rushmore-it's the perfect size) while enjoying my Creating Keepsakes magazine.

Rubber gloves. This seems odd but you can't imagine how many dishes I do...maybe you can. These have become a life line in the fight against dry and cracking hands. My only complaint is that they are a boring yellow. I wish I had some that were a pretty purple (my favorite color) or some fancy/pretty design. Really, that's all I'm asking for!

My smart phone. Really this is a love/hate relationship. Honestly, my phone is crap...but it allows me to check my email, use Facebook, besides text and stay in touch. We will be switching providers because our current one was bought out, therefore I will be getting a new phone. This was supposed to occur in late January, then late February and now they are telling us March or April. Ugh!!!!!! I am looking forward to the Blackberry that I will receive, it can't come soon enough.

Triplet Connection forum. Let's be honest most (or none) of you understand the complexity of having triplets. The joys as well as the frustrations. I have found this forum to be a lifesavor and use it or check it often. It's nice to talk to other mothers in the same boat.

Smartypig. What is that?? It's an online savings account Shawn and I started a few months ago. The best part...there is an undisclosed amount of money in it!!!!!!!!!! That's right, people, we are saving!! Me the big spender!!!! This is probably the thing I am most proud about right now. Besides saving to have a contingency fund, we are also working to save for our first house. Someday....

Emealz. Another handy, dandy website which allows me to cook nutritious meals for my family without having to figure out recipes etc for my family. We've been doing it for several months and I bet Shawn loves it too. My very un-creative mind can only think of about a handful of recipes to make including: eggs, spaghetti, meatloaf, pancakes and that's about it. Imagine having those every week over and over. Thank you, Emealz, you're a life savor!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

5 Love Languages

There is a book by Mr. Chapman which talks about the languages of love, which are ways in which others show us love. Each of us has a different love language, one of the following: acts of service, words of affirmation, physical touch, quality time and gifts. Which one is yours??? According to the author, your love language can be identified by age 3. Evie's is quality time. She frequently asks you to "play in my woom" and wants to be read to. Just a short time ago she asked if she could work on her puzzle while I worked (aka blogged). She loves to go on walks with you and just be with you in general. She wants to sit on my "wap" everyday.

This information really struck me today. How can I show Evie each and everyday that I love her? And did she feel my love yesterday?? What quality time have we shared??

Here are some new photos of Evie:

Reading Cinderella. Apparently there is a part out her not wearing her socks and getting in trouble. Funny, I never heard that version!

Being read to by Great-Uncle Craig

Evie tells me all the time she is "tired" which is Evie speak for I want a snack in my room while I look at my books. This is because even though she no longer takes official naps I do like her to rest (so I can have quiet for me and for the babies afternoon naps.) She is still in her pajamas because she's had a cold. This day she actually fell asleep, hand in snack trap. CUTE!