Wednesday, January 28, 2009

25 Random Facts About Me...

Here are some things that you did or didn't know about me:

1. I hate feet. Hate them. Especially Shawn's. Especially bare feet. Yuck! I don't like them to touch me, be near me or touch me.

2. I stay up way to late reading romance novels. I keep saying to myself, just one more chapter or to the end of the chapter. Before I know it I've read the whole thing and its 1 am.

3. I hate mornings.

4. I buy 2-4 magazines every month from convenience stores. I can't help myself.

5. I like sleeping on my left side more then my right. It faces Shawn and then I can put my feet on him.

6. I hate getting ready for bed at night. It seems pointless because even though it might be 6-10 hours later that I am getting ready, it really feels like 20 minutes.

7. In general I don't like silence. It's not that it makes me nervous, it just seems lonely. If the tv is off then I usually put on some music.

8. Before I get in bed at night I have to go to the bathroom one last time. Even if its only been 10 minutes since I last went.

9. Two things I will do differently as a mom is 1. put shoes on them when they are still a newborn/infant and 2. put lots of ribbons/bows/headbands in my girls hair. Evie screams bloody murder if we put on different shoes AND pulls nearly everything I put into her hair out.

10. I hate scary movies.

11. I feel real achievement if I drink 20 oz. of water in a day. Typically, I only drink 1-2 diet dews a day and no water. Tsk, tsk, huh?

12. I sometimes ignore phone calls because I don't feel like talking.

13. I love to read blogs.

14. I sometimes wish I could hear my name for the first time. Everyone's first comment about my name is that it is "pretty." I don't hear it. It would be neat to understand what they mean.

15. We'll save approximately $100 this month on groceries by meal planning and shopping at Aldi's.

16. I am a member of MOPS and I love it!

17. I never knew that being a mother could feel like this.

18. I am comma-challenged.

19. I get to finally start talking and sharing about the changes that will be occurring in our lives in only a few more days! And no I am not pregnant.

20. I love Carmel Rice snacks. Delicious!!

21. I have only 17.5 more pounds to lose before I reach my goal weight. Yippee!

22. I still want 4 children.

23. I love my new Amy Knapp Christian Family Organizer. It's keeping me on track!

24. My favorite movie of all time is the Mummy 1 and 2. But I am a sucker for all romantic movies whether they are comedies or adventure.


25. I wish I could learn sign language, become a great public speaker, and retire at 55.

And 5 random things about Evie:

1. She likes to rub Kleenexes, wipes, and napkins on her face and belly.
2. She's developed a love of ketchup. Tonight she dipped her homemade chicken nuggets in it and then licked it off. Uncle Brandon would be proud.
3. She just learned to say uh-oh. She was saying it appropriately but now she'll say it just because.
4. She has hazel eyes just like her daddy. His are blue/green. However, we've gotten 2 random comments about her pretty "brown" eyes in the past week.
5. Can point out her nose, ears, belly and fingers. Gets confused about eyes, mouth, hair etc.

If you blog and your reading've been tagged.


xander's mama said...

I just did this on facebook, so it was easy to cut and paste! I love the color of Evie's eyes--I think they are a little exotic! I miss you all, give Evie kisses!

Anonymous said...

I received a letter from Dawn in Australia who said she loves to look at your blog. Since she and I can't seem to receive each others e-mails, I thought I would tell her HI! through your blog - if you don't mind! Mom

I did know most of those things about you. I kind of suspected that you were ignoring my phone calls a time or two! Mom