Saturday, November 21, 2009

Here's the 411

Grandma and Grandpa V were here to visit for a few very short, very fun filled, days. Evelyn's favorite part: coloring. Lots and lots of coloring! Thanks to grandma and grandpa's influence Evie spends half of her day coloring. I love that she enjoys art now. Maybe she will develop an artists hand like her grandma V, who gifted Evie with several pictures of animals. I have no artistic aspirations, I am lucky to color inside the lines. However, I have often admired my moms talents and craftiness. Both of my sisters have inherited this. Jessie with her drawing, creativity and photography skills. Keesha is, and I use her own words, "crafty!" I channel any bit of creativity I have into my scrapbooking. I think that is where my talent lies, in preserving our family memories. Now Evie, we'll see...but we think she is amazing now and will be no matter if she continues to draw lines and squiggles or if she channels Picasso.

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xander's mama said...

Color on! Wait until I post Chris' masterpiece!