Wednesday, April 7, 2010

For a change

Lately my posts have been focused on the babies with a little blurb about Evie. Today I want to share some recent pictures of our first precious "baby" and what she's been up to.

Auntie Keesha bought/sent Evie a pair of sunglasses which she absolutely LOVES! However, her face is too thin and they repeatedly slip off. That's not stopping her from "wearing" them. We'll still have to get her a hat for the summer to help keep the sun out of her eyes.

For the second year in a row we took Evelyn to our garden center that holds an Easter egg "hunt" for kids. Evie had a blast-even though it was a chilly morning!

Easter eggs from anma and ampa V. She was thrilled with them and the "bears" (Berenstein) books.

Baking with anma A. can be messy! Mostly because said adorable child took the flour and put it on her face HERSELF! Such a silly girl. This is one of the many reasons I call her monkey.

Digging through her Easter basket. She loved the "babies potty", "bubbles" and the book. But she couldn't do ANYTHING else until I had unwrapped a Cadbury egg. YUM! My favorite Easter candy. She's been enjoying the jellybeans on our kitchen table-especially the "pink" ones.

Looking through the fun bag of gifts from anma and ampa A. She loved the bag best..of course!

Coloring Easter eggs. She LOVED it. Especially the yellow. And she ONLY broke 4 eggs;o)

Evie and daddy having a little cuddle time. She enjoyed sitting on his lap and watching the Veggie Tales an "Easter Carol."

The A Family-April 2010


Anonymous said...

i LOVE the new family pictures. What a beautiful family!!!

love, sara

Anonymous said...

Love the new family picture. I was on my way home from your office yesterday and I was thinking about you and I just want to say that I am so extremely happy for you guys and Evie. I know you'll have your hands full, but what a blessing. When they arrive if you ever need help please let me know. I know you have a great church family, but if you need additional help just give me a call. I would love to help you guys out.
Megan Schwichtenberg

Anonymous said...

You're right, your belly did grow since we were there last week.

That's our silly Evie! Loved the pictures. Scared of bugs? She needs to spend more time outside at our house to see all of the lovely bugs around here.


Mom V

keeshaobrien said...

I love all your updates! The glasses look super cute on Evie--even if they are still too big! Love you guys!

Anonymous said...

Love the Pictures! Especially her sunglasses! Love the family picture too! Look at how big your belly is getting!!!

Anonymous said...

Loved the picture of Evie what a ham bone had a wonderful weekend with you all.
Love anpa Jeff & Dad