Thursday, September 30, 2010

Family & Triplets @ 2 months

Here is some updated pictures including Evie's three year old pictures. They were taken by our good friend Suszi Grudem. I have to say that my Evie is just gorgeous. How did we get such a looker?? And the triplets...A-DORABLE! I am so amazed that I get to wake up to these beautiful children everyday. I am THEIR mom! Thank you God for your most perfect and precious gifts!! May we honor you as we raise them to love and know you!

Ella now weighs 7#14. She is 1oz heavier then her cousin Xander was at birth! She has grown to a length of 19.25in. She is our happy camper...unless she needs her pacifier. Though the picture doesn't show this, she tends to always look happy. Like she is just thrilled with being here and seeing you. She started smiling and cooing last week. She has adorable chubby thighs and belly but still seems like a delicate little girl, even more so then Evie did. She shares some of her daddy's looks but has inherited my lips and shoulder dimples. She LOVES her pacifier but cannot keep it in her mouth, much to this mama's frustration. If she's crying it's usually for this reason. Daddy calls her Ella Bella and I call her Sweet Pea.

Henry weighed in at a whopping 9#12. 2# heavier then both of his siblings. In fact, he weighs at 2 months the same as his oldest sister weighed at 2 months and she was born at 8#3 and he at 5#2. Quite the gainer!!! He is the first (and only) to move out of newborn clothes and diapers. He is now 20.75 in. Henry is our laid back man! Usually cries because he is HUNGRY or tired!! He could care less about a pacifier, despite Evie jamming them in his mouth. He was the first of the 3 to smile and is much more "talkative." We had a bit of a medical "scare" when I found a hernia in his scrotal sac. After a long drive to the U of M to meet with a pediatric surgeon and an appointment that lasted all of 5 minutes, we were were relieved to learn it was just a hydrocele. This is a fluid filled sac that initially starts out like a hernia. The good news-no surgery. It should resolve by 1 year. My favorite moment with him was on our drive home from that appointment when I looked at him and said, "Hi, I'm your mommy!" He gave me the BIGGEST smile ever and since. Yep, definitely wrapped around his finger. His nickname is currently Chubba Bubba.

Grant weighs in at 7#9. Still our peanut but definitely gaining on his sister. He was in the the 1 percentile for everything but his head. He sure has a big noggin. His daddy calls him the Brain. Unlike his brother, Grant is more petite. Even weighing close to Ella's weight, his legs are long and skinny. He may take after my side as Evie does for growth, while Henry takes after Shawn. He is 20in long. Grant has been our more temperamental baby, but we're starting to figure him out. First, he is intolerant to dairy. I am pretty good at staying away from this so the milk he's received from me has been good. However, we had to switch him to soy formula. That has helped A LOT. Second, he is a stomach sleeper. So all naps are done this way. We also start him that way at night before swaddling him and laying him on his back. Like Ella he too loves a pacifier. He is a little better keeping it in his mouth. The biggest thing to know about him is that he is impatient and will quickly fly into a rage if you have not met his need in a timely fashion. He is smiling and talking and unlike his siblings loves to listen to his musical pull toy during diaper changes. His nickname is little man and peanut.


Megan said...

Another post to love! They are getting so big and I can't believe I haven't met them yet. I really need to visit you and those kids! Aine and Evie would probably have a blast. They are all so precious Tawnda and God truly has blessed your family with beautiful kids. Have fun with them and we'll see you soon. Megan

kyle said...

I know it has only been two weeks since I have seen them....but man have they grown!!

Anonymous said...

One word:

What a beautiful family!

Love you!

keeshaobrien said...

Oh My Goodness! I miss you all so much! L-O-V-E the family portrait, and despite what you said on the phone earlier today, you ALL look wonderful! I cannot believe how big the babies look. They have changed so much in the month since I've seen them. I love that pic of Evie too! Suszi ROCKS! I must have copies, please! BTW-I swear Grant looks a lot like Xander did as a baby. Love you and miss you lots--hugs and kisses to all the kiddos!