Friday, September 16, 2011

The Last First Day of Preschool

Evie started her 2nd year of preschool last Tuesday. I love getting back to a more "scheduled" life and Evie really does well. She is in the red class this year and her teacher is Miss Cheryl. I know that she will blossom and continue to grow faster then us parents are ready for. She looked adorable on the first day, decked out in new birthday clothes (except shirt, which we a pre-birthday gift from her A grandparents) and hair accessory. She had a lot of fun! Shawn and I accompany her on the first day so we can get a few details during the parent meeting. Old hat for us now. Picking her up is my job and with triplets you can imagine there are some challenges. I get special parking privileges, which I really appreciate. In their car seats I couldn't manage them all at once and now as toddlers and mobile it is impossible without the stroller or a cart. The new session of MOPS starts next week and that should be interesting, getting them all inside.

This was taken on the same morning...isn't she a looker. Boys, she's not dating until age 25 so don't get any ideas!!!!! I love the color of her eyes. They are this hazel color that is almost a light brown. They are gorgeous. I love that they are not my eye color and they are not Shawn's eye color...they are unique to her. I love that God is so creative. His word says that we are "fearfully and wonderfully made." So true!!!!


sjv said...

Gorgeous - as always! So fun that she is back in preschool and loving it.

See you tomorrow!

keeshaobrien said...

My niece is beautiful and she looks so excited for that first day! Love you!

Anonymous said...

Evie is just too gorgeous! Glad she is enjoying kinder
Hope all the kids settle into their new home/surroundings okay for mum and dad.
Can't believe how the young ones are progressing. It'll be great having Jessie so close now too
Love Dawn & Bruce

Jessalyn said...

Look I finally got on the internet! Lovely as always!