Friday, January 20, 2012

It sneaks up on you

Babies becoming toddlers that is. Though I still refer to them as thus, truly the "babies" are no longer babies. This is evident in many ways.

#1 They are all wearing over 12 month clothes .
#2 They are saying new words.
#3 We've switched to less spill proof sippys...with ease.
#4 They run...walk very rarely.
#5 While filling out their 18 month wellness forms they were acing it.
#6 They have enough hair for their first haircut {the boys anyhow}
#7 We got rid of the highchairs...they now sit at the table like big kids.
#8 They climb chairs and stairs.

Some of these things have thrilled me and some have made me realize how quickly time is passing. For instance, Evie could see the top of the stove while I made eggs for lunch...when did that happen???? Time slow down just a least so I can capture it fully.


Jessalyn said...

Aww they are so big!!!

keeshaobrien said...

I hear you-time certainly does seem to pass by too quickly! Love the boys' haircuts. Love you all!