Monday, February 2, 2009

Reason number 100...

that I hate winter. Ice. Very slippery ice. I have slipped so many times this year I think it is a record. But, it finally happened. One minute I was walking to the car, the next BAM! I face plant into the very thing I hate. I didn't have time to even throw up my hands in defense, so when I say I face planted, I mean it. Skinned chin, bruised hip and knee, swollen cheek, but the worst? I cut my lip with my teeth. And not just a little cut but in one side and out the other. Not pretty. Far from it! And to top it all off, one VERY fat lip. Did I mention I hate winter?

Shawn was nice enough to get pictures so I can scrapbook about my aversion to winter and all things associated with it. And while my lip was starting to swell in the got worse!

Besides literally falling on my face, I have been able to get a few scrapbook pages done. I worked on Evie's 6th month. It was really fun to reminisce about what she was doing at that age and what she looked like. It is so hard to believe she is 17 months old!

These pages include all of her 6 month activities like: getting a new car seat, laughing at her thighs getting tickled, repeating syllables like "na-na", her first Valentines, learning to suck on her bottom lip, and more. Sorry if the pictures appear shiny and indistinct, the flash does that. I wish I had a scanner big enough for 12x12 pages.

The next pages were dedicated to more 6 month pictures. Except with a focus on that face we love so much. The second page is hanging up in my scrapbook room as inspiration and because I love it. I got a 12x12 frame for my birthday (thanks, Keesha and family) which allows me to showcase some of my pages. I really love it because it allows me to enjoy the pages I worked so hard on for at least a little bit. Before I'd finish, show them to Shawn and then have to stick them away in a dark little scrapbook. If you click on it, it will enlarge and you can read my journaling as well as see the pictures a little closer up.

And the last page I did was of the Josh Turner concert Shawn and I went to less then a month before Evie's arrival. Great seats...centerstage and third row. I could see the color of his zoom needed! And the voice...yum!! It was a great concert and we had a blast...I think even Evie remembers it. She certainly likes his music.


xander's mama said...

Are you sure you don't want to move to Texas--we don't have any ice here! It must have hurt like a S*O*B! Love the pages, I'll be sending you an e-mail of a few more. Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Dawn hopes you are feeling better after your fall. We just can't imagine how cold you get over there. Or summer heat hasn't really hit yet. Been lovely 85f last couple days. Guess Texas is similiar to us? 100f+ predicted from Sunday on. Looks like a morning at beach on Sunday.(Jealous yet?)
Love pics of Evie.
Lotsa love XX

Anonymous said...

Oh no! That looks so painful!

Walk carefully and get better soon. I'm going to buy you some cleats for better traction!

miss you!