Monday, February 23, 2009

She's growing up...

Yesterday was a day of firsts for our little girl. It was another day to recognize that she isn't a baby anymore but a little girl. It's so amazing that she is ours. Yesterday she had her hair done in pigtails for the first time. SO ADORABLE! Only a few tears were shed in the process.

Next, she sat in a booster seat instead of a highchair when we ate at Perkins. Shawn and I came close to shedding a few tears watching her sit like a big girl. And to top it off she ate french fries and chicken strips. No more hauling food around. She loved dipping them in ketchup and honey mustard. Just a warning though; she is a double, triple and quadruple dipper. And not only that, but before she re-dips she's licked off the condiment from her food. We thought she might only have condiments for lunch but managed to eat all of her fries and one strip (she would have had another one but dad polished them off before she had a chance, tsk, tsk).

Next, we headed to the Y and let her play in the ball pit for the first time. She loved it! We had it to ourselves for the first 5 minutes and we could just enjoy the special time. She giggled, she laughed, she disappeared under balls, threw balls, and more. It was so awesome to see her simple joy! Her smiles give us such delight!

With all the fun it seems appropriate that she would wake up at 10pm with the start of a fever and ear infection. It seems as if she is going to get a winter's worth of cold's and illnesses all in a row. She has been sick with something every week since she went into the hospital. It is a little depressing because it means that we've had to curtail all of her interactions with other children and most of her activities. She's been confined to the house, A LOT! The housebound are getting a lot stir crazy. Poor Y, I've rescheduled an appointment there 3 times, it will be 4 if she's not better by Wednesday. Pray for good health for our little Monkey.


xander's mama said...

Sorry to hear about Shawn's Grandma. Evie is looking so much older (this is where I shed a tear!) I LOVE the pigtails! Also, just want to point out how long her fingers look--she definitely has your fingers! Oh and you can use my poem--just give credit! hee hee! I love you guys! Hugs and Kisses!

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe how old she looks!! Where has the time gone!?!?

And good work on the piggies, T! They are adorable.

Love, sara