Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A few of my favorite things.

1. DVR

Really, how did we ever live without it? Now I can fast-forward through commercials, rewind when I miss something, pause it when I have to go to the bathroom, or forget about it altogether. Nothing beats going out on a Friday night with my hubby, knowing that my favorite show will be there on Wednesday morning.

2. Christian Family Planner

It allows me to plan meals, compile shopping lists, list my weekly to-dos, plan my weekly activities and organize my months at-a-glance. When you have a toddler, a husband, a business, church and personal activities you need something to keep you organized! This is mine. There are so many who can't live without their electronic gizmo's but I'm an old fashioned pen and paper kind of woman.

3. Ice cream bars and sandwiches

I have to have dessert, a meal doesn't feel complete without it. Instead of all the weight-busting, can't stop myself, favorite alternatives like candy, cookies and cakes. I satisfy myself with one ice cream bar or sandwich. Delicious!

4. CK

For those not a scrapbooking fanatic, that stands for Creating Keepsakes. It's my favorite magazine and I pore over it at least twice. Then I tear out all the pages I am going to scraplift from or that I love the journal ideas or...

5. Our new office

There isn't anything I dislike about our new office, except for the 20+ minute drive times 2, and that's only after two days! My favorite thing is my purple office. My own office! With my own desk! My own shelf! My own...well you get the picture! What it means is that I don't have to clean it off every time I get to work, or that when I back up to stand up that I run into Shawn's chair. Our office is spacious, bright, cheery and professional! Loving it!

6. My bed

When the temperature dips below freezing and the wind sounds like it's going to blow over our house, I am especially thankful for my warm, comfy bed. Shawn is not a napper but if I could, without feeling dopey for the rest of the day or neglecting Evie, I would nap everyday. I especially love it when the comforter weighs 100 pounds, or close to. I imagine that my bed is like Mama Bear's bed..."too soft". At least it would be for Goldilocks. For me it's "just right"

7. My baby girl

Not quite a baby anymore, but definitely MY baby. My joy. I'd be lying if I didn't admit that there are times when I just shake my head in frustration or work to remain consistent and give her time outs when she deserves. Usually though, even in those most frustrating moments, I have to hold back a smile. She is so precious, pursing her lips as a sign of her independence. Throwing herself onto the floor in a tantrum. If only she knew how much these little acts amused and delighted me. When you are pregnant you imagine what this little person will be and the reality is 100x's better then I ever hoped for or imagined. And she's all mine!

8. The Y

When I go, it makes me feel energized and beautiful. Note the "when I go." Exercise is still a hard thing for me to motivate myself to do. However, I have managed to go to several strength training classes, which I love. It's great because they have "babysitting" so I can bring Evie and still workout. Our last stop is the ball pit, which she loves. The only downside is the roto virus that Evie got the first week we went there. Many weeks later it is going much better. Shawn loves it as well, and they have a beautiful trail for him to run on. Last week he saw 4 deer. This was in the middle of town. Crazy!

9. Reading blogs

I think of it as a type of people watching. People are fascinating. I particularly read those of other scrapbookers. They inspire me to be more creative and give me more ideas for my own scrapbooks. They can be addicting, I will admit. When we got our new computers I went through and deleted a bunch so that I can't spend as much time doing it.

10. Oatmeal

No matter the choices available for breakfast I still make myself a bowl of warm, creamy oatmeal. I have it down to an art. Bowl, add 1/2 c. oatmeal and the perfect amount of water (I've never used milk and I never measure). Microwave for 1 minute. Add a little bit of water and two tbsp brown sugar. Stir and enjoy! The only addition I ever make is maybe a banana. Even as I type this I think, mm mm, oatmeal would be good right now!

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