Friday, May 29, 2009

Third time is NOT the charm...

So, we went to the ER again last night. They didn't even try to figure out what is going on, since Shawn has a HIDA scan today. This is supposed to be more specific for finding out gallbladder problems. It is unimaginable that they would continue to let someone suffer this way!?! We/I am demanding that they cut it out today or if they find nothing on the HIDA scan they open him up and poke around in there because this is stupid!?! Can you hear my irritation through this blog? Evie was picked up at midnight last night by my in-law and so I am without my sunshine, which makes me even more irritated. (Note: This is not a complaint against my wonderful mother-in-law. She is awesome! I am just angry with the hospital facility that would put us in a situation where we have to choose between bringing her to the ER or send her to IA. I am blessed that my in-laws can help us out in so many ways!!) I am a raging mama/wife who wants this settled NOW! Don't mess with me;o)

Now for fun:

1. It's cold and Crappy way to much lately.

2.We planted tomatoes.

3. My favorite health and beauty product is coverup.

4. I have no urge to go on a nice long ride.

5. Well, first of all hospitals, especially ER's SUCK.

6. None; those were the cast of characters in a recent dream and it was boring...not enough time to dream.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to sitting in a waiting room while Shawn gets his whatever removed, tomorrow my plans include getting my baby and Sunday, I want to sleep and not go to the ER!

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Anonymous said...

Sorry you got so mad at your in-law. Thought we were trying to help you out.

You made it sound like I kidnapped Evie.