Sunday, May 17, 2009

I wonder...

So your probably asking yourself, "why doesn't Tawnda update her blog more often?" The truth is that I figure most of you don't care what I'm thinking about day to day, your more interested in pictures of Evie. I get that...but I'm going to start posting the happenings of our everyday life. For instance, right now Evie is screaming her beautiful head off in her crib after waking up after only 45 minutes in her crib sleeping. The truth is that occasionally she does this, and sometimes I pick her up and rock her back to sleep (like tonight) and sometimes we have to let her cry a little. Evie has never been the greatest sleeper. I think it's our fault. If (when you have kids--for those of you who don't have them already) a nurse tells you to wake up your child to feed in the middle of the night --don't do it. It's a ploy to make your nights miserable. This is what we did for the first two weeks after she was born, from the advice of our nurses. We definitely think that this contribued to or caused her sleep problems.

I love that Evie's a talker. She reads to us off and on all day long. What I hate is that she's telling me all these juicy, adorable, and beautiful stories and I can't understand one word. She's so serious about them and all I can do it nod and smile. She points at things and laughs. They must be the funniest stories ever...and I still have no clue. I can recognize a few words: eady (ready), me (mine), mor (more), uh-oh, hi, meow, dada, momma, oh, ow, no, and yes. We're working on bubba (bubbles), boooo (book), among others. She understands 100x more then she says, which does help. Hopefully, by the time I understand everything she's saying she'll still have all her beautiful stories to tell. I will definitely be listening.

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Anonymous said...

Not only did they tell us to wake her up, but EVERY TWO HOURS!!!! And we were dumb enough to do it. I may get violent with somebody if they tell us that with the next one.