Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I'm Back

As all of you know...we're pregnant...with triplets. Sorry that the exhaustion and nausea has kept me away from this blog. I'm feeling a little better and now I'm hoping to get back on track with my normal activities. In the meantime, I'm trying to catch up.

Anma and Anpa V. were over this weekend, which Evie LOVED!! She was able to be read to almost constantly. Meanwhile, my mom and I are working to rearrange items in our back bedroom so we can paint in a few days. We are trying to get it ready for the triplets BEFORE bedrest, which could happen anytime after 20 weeks. We will be 12 weeks on Thursday. If we weren't receiving 6-12 inches of snow, I would be in town picking out paint colors, but for now we are snowed in. The weather this winter has been snowy, blustery, and blowing. It has caused us to shut the office down more then we have in the past 5 years. It's a little crazy!!

Evie doesn't seem to notice the weather, but she would I'm sure love to be out rolling around in it. The temperature hasn't cooperated however, or I've felt to pregnant to take her. She is needing to be inside a lot, in any case, as we are working on potty training. She's doing a great job and just needs to work on remembering to go before it's too late. Sometimes she demands "m's" She loves being read to and it's a constant demand we get "bead." Babies are still #1 in her life. She adores babies. She rocks them, feeds them, tucks them into bed etc. I am a little afraid she will smother these three babies when they arrive. She will demand to hold them a lot, I have that feeling already. She might wear me out as much as having 3 newborns at once. She hasn't quite grasped the babies in mommy's belly yet. She counts them but usually counts 4. That's her number, 4. She has 4 eyes, 4 ears, etc. As you can see by my constant use of the word "demand" Evelyn has indeed a terrible 2 streak. She does say "peas" and "than you" but most of the time demands her needs and wants. The politeness comes usually when we ask and you can almost catch the fluttering eyes, since she knows her "peas" are much too adorable to resist.

More to follow...including pictures. Keep checking back with us.

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