Wednesday, February 24, 2010

This is us now

My nausea is finally subsiding, hallelujah, but I still need a daily nap. I am going to have to cut my few working hours down because even after 4 hours I am exhausted. We had an OB appointment last Thursday and all the babies are healthy. They were stacked all nice feet to feet and then that night they flipped and all of the massive kicking I was feeling all but disappeared. I fear they are kicking my kidneys, spine, colon and other organs as I am still drinking a ton of orange juice. They like orange juice! We are at 14 weeks tommorrow and this is what it looks like:

Evie is feisty. She got to see the babies and hear their heartbeats. I think it made it a little more "real" to her although she still lifts her shirt to tell me she has babies in her belly and has even told Shawn twice that he has babies in his belly too. We watch baby stories every day I'm at home, so I am hoping she gets that the babies come out of mommy's belly. Time will tell, everyday she will get closer and closer to understanding. I'm sure the babies arrivals will also help! In the meantime her love of babies continues and she picked out a new one with the money she received at Christmas from her great-grandma V.

She loves to be a girlie-girl, which includes purses, dressing up, hair accessories, and painted nails. Here is her all dressed up:

Our favorite picture though is the following which many of you have already seen. We call it "Evie in training" or "Showing Mommy the way". I asked her as she carried three of her babies around, "Is mommy going to be as good at taking care of her babies as you are of yours?" Her answer, "YES!" Then she picked up her "purse" and a bottle or other baby accessory fell out and she freaked throwing it and herself on the floor. And I said, "Yep, that's probably how I will be handling three as well!" We'll see...


xander's mama said...

Cute! Please send me the Evie pics via e-mail so I can scrap them! Love you!

Anonymous said...

I believe evie is going to be a awesome big sister.
Love grandpa Jeff