Wednesday, March 17, 2010

4 months or 30 weeks

My title doesn't make sense, does it?? But it will when you see the picture of my belly at 4 months. I admit, I'm big. My lower back is telling me that too. Not much effort and I feel like they are weak under the strain.

Evie and I were able to go to ND to visit my college friend, Andrea, and her family. She just had a little boy they named Easton. He is adorable. Her daughter, Emma, and Evelyn had a blast together (in between a few toddler disagreements). It was fun to watch them together laughing and enjoying each other. It also gave Andrea and I time to chat and me time to hold her sweet boy. Watching her gave me a reminder of what it's like to have a new baby in the house, and a glimpse of what 3 new babies will be like with a toddler. Evelyn LOVED holding Easton, and comforting him. At first she was satisfied with a few minutes of cuddling but by the end of the 3 day visit she would hardly go and play. I think I'm going to have my hands full!!!!

Easton, SO CUTE!

Andrea and Easton

Emma and Evelyn enjoying Easton

She LOVED him!
I loved him!
Playing together...they had so much fun!
Brother & Sister

Holding Easton for the first time!

The trip home left A LOT to be desired. I battled (solo) Evelyn throwing up every 10-15 minutes, cleaning out the car/carseat/Evie, rain, VERY dense fog, a pregnant bladder and a long trip. But it was worth it. I loved seeing them all. I look forward to another visit, POSSIBLY with the triplets, sometime down the road. It's been a bit of an illness battle with Evie getting sick, and then developing a virus myself. But all are well, except for the pregnancy symptoms that still crop up. We reach 17 weeks tomorrow and have our 18 week US (the BIG one) next week. Exciting stuff in the works!!


xander's mama said...

First off--you look WONDERFUL, lovin' seeing that growing belly! Secondly, Emma and Easton are adorable! I think this is the first pic I have seen of Emma (and obviously the first of Easton). Thirdly I think you and Shawn are going to have yourselves a wonderful little helper! Evie looked the part of a big sister already. And last, but not least, I love you guys and miss you lots--can't wait until we get to come see you!

Anonymous said...

You are looking as beautiful as ever my dear.

Love Shawn

Anonymous said...

I think evie is going to be a great big sister.Mom going to need all the help she can get.
Love ampa & dad