Thursday, March 4, 2010

The triplets are...

Healthy. Moving. Beautiful. And from what we are told 2 boys and a girl!!! But you already knew that! We had a 40 minute US on February 26th where we learned the sexes but also got some really nice photos of all of the babies. At that point they were all head right (my right) and they were all opposite. What I mean is that Baby A (our little girl) and Baby C (1 of our boys) are facing out toward my belly button. Baby B (the other precious boy) is/was facing my spine. At some points during the US though, it did appear like A and B were already involved in some sibling rivalry and doing some Kung-fu fighting. Heartbeats were all PERFECT! Don't believe the old wives tale and heartbeats determining the babies sexes. It wasn't even close! So I thought you would all enjoy your first glimspe at these 3 sweetings.

Baby A or our Baby Girl. A nice side view of her. Head is left, not quite a profile of her face. She is about 4 inches long as are her two brothers. This is also the view where the tech double checked for a pee-pee. Nothing there!!

Baby Girls heartbeat. She registered in at 148 beats/minute.

A nicer picture of her face. Her nose is pointing towards the tops of the photo. You can actually see her esophogus-but I can't point that out-hint it's the darker line back from her mouth.

A beautiful picture of baby girl's hand touching her face. "Waving" as the US tech says to most parents. In my opinion she was getting sick of the US waves hitting her and was protecting herself. You can also see her little legs.

Baby B or Boy #1. This is a picture of his boy parts. You are looking at his butt and thighs. And if you look close you can see a little pee-pee and sac. The word "boy?" is directly above his boy parts.

This is baby boy #1's foot. Toes are pointing left. It looked huge and I told the tech so and she measured it and it measured 1.5 teeny-tiny!

Baby boy #1's heartbeat measuring in at 152 beats/minute.

Since baby boy #1 was facing down toward my spine it was difficult to get a good face view of him. This is more of his spine and back of his head. I can see his spinal cord but it's hard to point out. His head is on the left, and his spine is at the top of the picture.

Here the tech got a beautiful picture of baby girls face in profile. You can see her nose and her mouth is open (she must be concentrating like Evie and I). Her little legs are curled up.

Another back picture of baby boy #1. I'm hoping he will cooperate better for the longer US. Though his position explains why I can't feel his kicking as much. Both boys were quite exuberant in their kicking and then it stopped. Why? Because they flipped around. They still have tons of room so they'll hopefully enjoy it while they can. The tech loved this picture because he was sticking his butt up.

Baby C or Baby Boy #2. A nice profile picture like his sister. His mouth is closed.

Same with this picture except baby boy #2 was showing off his flexibility with bringing his legs towards his chest.

This is baby boy #2 pee-pee shot! His is sticking up towards the top of the picture. The word "boy?" is directly to the right of it and his leg.

Baby boy #2's heartbeat measuring in at 161 beats/minute.

This is a 3D shot of baby girl, on the left, and baby boy #1. We couldn't get a good face shot of baby boy because of his position. Again, hoping for more at the next US. Notice that the baby girl has her hands on her lower face (almost like she's sucking a thumb) and her legs are curled. You can also see her umbilical cord along the middle of her belly. Baby boy #1 is giving us a nice butt, back and head shot. He looks so thin but at this point they are not gaining weight. This will happen later in the pregnancy.

This is baby boy #2. You get a nice picture of his face on front. I'm not a big fan of 3D photos as they seem to diminish their features to the point that I think he looks a little like a monkey. A beautiful, precious monkey of course.


Anonymous said...

LOVE the pictures. Can't wait to see the triplets and YOU in person tomorrow.

Love, sara

xander's mama said...

I'm so grateful for the technology that allows me to see my nieces (I am including Evie's pics too) and nephews. Thanks for sharing their "first pics" ! I love you all and miss you lots!

Anonymous said...

Totally amazing what a wonderful site. can't wait to meet them.
Love Grandpa Jeff

Anonymous said...

Babies are God's greatest miracles.

Grandma Lyn

Anonymous said...

Amazing!! fantastic to see. Can't believe we'll see them in just a few short months. Stay well. Lotsa Love Dawn & Bruce X

Casa de Morrow said...
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Casa de Morrow said...

This is totally amazing! I am so jealous. I know my time will come and I am SO excited for you! Good luck!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Amazing! I am so xcited to meet all of them!

Auntie Jess

Elizabeth said...

I just got on your blog site and loved seeing all the pictures. Evie is sure growing up so fast. I can't wait to see all of you. Great family picture. I'm praying for you and all the little one's. Love Aunt Liz xxxooo