Tuesday, April 24, 2012

2012 Week in the Life-Monday

Despite a long absence, we are still alive.  In fact, busier then ever.  Shawn injured his back at work and thus I've been back at work full-time since just before Evelyn was born in August of 2007.  He is vowing that this may be the last week at full-time since February 8th.  I am anxious to be back in my SAHM role and catch up not only on housework but this blog and many other things that have been unattended since my change in schedule.  I know my MIL, Lyn is anxious as well to resume her "usual" activities and get off of our futon.  In my first post after the hiatus, I am chronicling a Week, in the Life for the A household.  I love, love, love this project as it captures our life so fully during this week.  The last time I did it we were house hunting, and it was this project that allowed me to document this pivotal time in our lives as we wrote our purchase agreement and waited with baited breath for the day when our offer was finally accepted. In our first year doing this, it was this project that I captured the last photos of Evie with her Auntie Candii.  I will continue this project for this reason.  

5:30 am:  Mama is up to have quiet time to read my Bible and devotionals.  Read and meditated on Psalm 16: 5-6

 "Lord, you alone are my portion and my cup;
    you make my lot secure.
The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places;
    surely I have a delightful inheritance."

6:20 am: Shawn and boys up.  The boys are given milk and animal crackers while mom and dad get ready for the day.  Evie joins the boys at 7:10 and requests "etmeal" and a cereal bar for breakfast.

Evie joins the boys at 7:10 and requests "etmeal" and a cereal bar for breakfast.
Grant is being silly.  Runs away from me and the camera saying "NO!" with a big grin!

8 am: With the boys "help" the dishes are put away.

Evie loves to play with her Barbies.  She moved them downstairs last week and is downstairs playing.  At least she was until she realized that Henry had found one of her play cellphones.  Then she spent several minutes trying to bribe it away from him with his lovey, Mr. Teddy.  She was none to happy when I told her he could have his bear AND the phone.

The laundry to-do for the week.

8:20am: Boys changed and dressed (Henry with the precious cellphone).

Loving on Grant

8:35 am: Boys are "on" the phone. Grant just kept repeating "Hellooooo"

8:35am:  Grandma Lyn arrives from IA bearing gifts.

Evie got new "Tinkerbelle" undies.

8:40  Ella awake and immediately starts playing with her new car seat.
Ella is a stomach sleeper and thus this is a familiar sight in her bed:)
Ella having breakfast.
Shawn began his work day at 7:45a and I arrived at 9:25a.  Since he returned to work after his injury this is a familiar sight...wearing his prescribed lumbar belt.
So typical of Evie, it seems to never change that she's dragging half or more of her entire collection of babies around.  This is especially true if she is trying to keep her siblings from playing with it.
Taking some of his pain medications.  He herniated his lumbar disc which had protruded enough to displace his lumbar nerve root 4mm.  This has caused extreme pain in both his lower back and leg.  He's on the mend!!!!

 Morning play time.  You'd assume by these pictures that the kids play  together like this all the time...don't believe any of it.  The second someone wants what someone else has....watch out!!!

12 pm: Lunch!
This is typical of the floor to the right of my chair.  As I work and finish tasks the "DONE" gets piled on the floor.

12pm: Shawn had traction today.  Th

2:15pm:  Calling in a payment to our credit card...I love this activity:)

 4:30pm: Our new LARGE yard  + Shawn's herniation +  my limited time=hiring someone else to mow our lawn:)  Great except for it scared the kids to death with the loud noise.  I loved getting home to a freshly mowed yard!!!

 5:30pm: Baked chicken, peas and noodles for dinner! YUM!

 6:15pm: Making the nightly deposit drop at the bank.

 6:45pm: Picking up Dakota from my sister's and BIL's house.  She hadn't eaten all day and was HUNGRY!

 The beautiful flowering crab apple tree in our side lawn.  Shawn and I  love this and the other flowering apple tree in the back yard.  We love our house!!!!

 7pm:  Big black dog=3 very scared kids.  Grant was easily won over by Dakota's loving kisses, but it took awhile for Ella and Henry to warm up.

 Sharing popcorn with daddy.

 7:30pm: Henry loves wearing my shoes around the house.

 Toy cleanup with Amma Lyn.

Goodnight kisses,

Bedtime books with daddy!

 Mommy-daddy-Evie time...watching Romona & Beezus

Today's Headline:  Elton John concert sold out!!  (7000 attended)

1.  Unleaded gas: $3.69/gal
2.  The triplets are 21 months old today!!!!!!!!

Overheard:  "I love, love, love this song"  Shawn as we listened to "Remind Me Who I Am" by Jason Gray.  When I asked why he LOVED it this was his (partial) response: "After my back injury I felt worthless as a man, husband and father...this song reminded me of my true value."  I love knowing this about Shawn.

Favorite moments:  Getting bedraggled Ella up in the morning.  She was so excited and toddled over to me.  Morning is when she gives the best hugs!!

For grandma the best moment was watching Evie read to Grant.

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keeshaobrien said...

You are back--YAY!!!!! I have missed your posts!!!!! I love when you do AWITL-makes me feel like i am there. I LOVED seeing the kiddos wearing Xander's clothes-so cute and gives me warm fuzzies! Love you all so much!