Monday, March 9, 2009

Hello...Are you there?

It's been over a week since my last post and I know what you are thinking...Where have we gone? Well we're still here but very busy! Here is a rundown of the highlights and lowlights of the past week.

1. Shawn ran several miles as he works training for his half marathon. I hit the gym for two strength training classes and some aerobic time.

2. We interview and hire a new employee. She is taking over for our existing staff member who cannot follow us to M****** for family reasons. We are very excited as she's a sweet girl with a bubbly personality. She is also obtaining a degree as an administrative assistant...what more could we ask for?

3. Evie has her 18 month checkup. She is 21 lbs, 31.5 in and has a head circumference of 17.75in. Overall, very healthy. Dr. S notes a red and pussy left ear. She questions antibiotics but it's only her second day with it so we chose to let her body do the fighting (research shows that left untreated, except for pain relievers, the majority of ear infections heal on their own). She also suggests an audiology appointment and check with a speech therapist because although she "talks" a lot, she is behind in her words.

4. That evening, despite the use of Tylenol, Evie has a 103 degree fever and sleeps miserably. Shawn and I suffer the consequences of this. I call Dr. S and request the antibiotic. The dreaded pink stuff! I had so many ear infections that I still remember the stuff, yuck! The nurse asks if Evie has any allergies and I tell her that this is her first antibiotic. She was AMAZED! Chiropractic kids are healthy kids!! Regular adjustments have shown to improve immunity in kids, and cut down on colds/viruses. I'm just saying!

5. The visit to the audiologist shows a perfect right ear and fluid (ie. ear infection) in the left ear. The doctor says no worries. I knew her hearing is fine so this is really no surprise. No contact from the speech people, yet.

6. I am on the steering committee for my local MOPS. We set up and hold a dance/silent auction fundraiser. Success!! And Shawn and I learn a two step and some fun dance moves which I am going to insist we practice so we can impress our relatives at Laura's wedding! A fun, rewarding, tasty date night. And I won a purple purse, children's toys AND a riding lesson in the silent auction! Woo-hoo!

7. We watched a curling bonspiel for the first time, at the local curling club. We are given a tutorial by a longtime resident and curling player. The sport appears slow but is really fun to watch in public.

8. We take Evie to the mall in M****** to play at a little play place that is a bunch of clinic "equipment" (ie bandaids, stethoscope etc) that are giant size and things that children can climb on, slide down, and crawl through. She has a blast, running, sliding, crawling, climbing, and squealing. It gave us such joy to watch.

9. Evie took several naps in the car. I was able to do some business reading and made calls to disconnect/transfer service at our current office.

10. We stop in at our new clinic. The walls are painted and we love it. The colors are perfect. We'll officially get the keys on the 15th. Up next: ceiling, floors, doors etc.) There is still a lot to be done but is going so fast. Some of the rooms are bigger then we expected a few are smaller. We'll deal, but now we are going to have to re-think our placement of our adjustment tables. I am so excited to have my OWN office. No more sharing w/ Shawn! And it's purple. Can it get any better? Have you ever written down your goals for what you'd like in life? We have and one of them is my own office, and a bigger office. So far these are falling into place.

11. As always, I am cleaning, decluttering, organizing etc. Isn't it a never ending cycle? I won't mention the loads of laundry and dishes that Shawn does every week.

12. I attended a MOPS meeting where I talk with other women with children in the same age range as Evie. We get to listen to the great speaker whose topic is organizing. How appropriate! I love to organize and get ride of clutter! Hello, FlyLady! The food is delicious. I love my time spent there and I've made several new friends. I also have the chance to hold sweet 6 week old Greta. What a darling! I miss the newborn stage. I can feel the clock starting to tick!

13. We are planning, working, and organizing for the move of our business in less then 18 days!! So much to do, so little time. In office, we have done so much but there is so much to do. I did bring in a partial payment to the company that is making our building and roadside signs. We also picked up our new business cards, they look awesome.

14. Attended Church and did our weekly grocery shopping. We have started to do this every Sunday. If we can afford it we go for Sunday lunch.

15. I have to take an extra trip into M****** because of course my contact would tear when I don't have any extra on hand. Shawn tries to convince me that I look sexy in my glasses but I hate wearing them. I've had the same ones for over 8 years and they are a little worn and bent (from little tiny hands!). Shawn has perfect vision so he has no idea how annoying they can be.

16. Talked about how tired we are of winter. Spring will you EVER come? Only 10 more days to go. We turn the clock ahead one hour. I hate losing the time but it does help keeping Evie in bed till 7am instead of before 6. How did I, a night person, get such a happy little morning lark?? We groan when we hear her little musical glow worm start playing, it means that the monkey has awakened for the day.

And there is ton of in between stuff. Sometimes I wonder when things will return to "normal." But the honest answer is never, we are always busy. Always working on some project. Dealing with some illness or allergy or headache. Planning for something. Celebrating something. Watching time pass. Time never stands still. Hopefully, I can find time to keep this blog a little more updated. And now, since a blog isn't fun unless there is a picture. Here is a little blast from Evie's past. She is three months old. What a darling!


Anonymous said...

T -

Glad to see the post. I was just thinking that I needed to call you to see if you were keeping your head above water with all the stuff to do!

We are looking forward to seeing you and helping with the move.

love, sara

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys, have fun setting up your new premises.We wish you heaps of success in your new location. Remember to look after yourselves too!
Hugs for Evie Love
Dawn and Bruce XXX

xander's mama said...

I am glad things are falling into place for you guys! I can't wait to see pics! Talk to you soon! Give Evie hugs and kisses! Love ya,