Monday, June 8, 2009

I just wanted to update you all on Shawn and my weekend. On Saturday, Shawn (my hubby) developed complications related to his recent gallbladder problem. This resulted in two 911 calls, one ambulance ride, two ER visits, a hospital stay and a lot of morphine. He has told me that this new pain is worse then the original and while vicodin helped with his previous symptoms, he can only remain comfortable with nausea medication and high doses of morphine. He is currently hospitalized and they think that he is leaking bile into his abdomen. He has a scan this morning so they can get a definitive diagnoses. These leaks can seal on there own or he may need a procedure called ECRP, which involves threading a tube into the stomach, through the pancreas and into the gallbladder area. As with all procedures this carries risks. They have a few other possibilities for his severe pain and these are diagnosed and/or treated with the same procedure. He's pretty discouraged and wants to be on the road to recovery as you can imagine. Pray not only for his healing but for a bolstering of his spirit. Evelyn has been spending some extra time with good friends of ours including a stay over because I did not get out of the ER until 4am on Sunday. She enjoyed the time with her friend Abbie. She decided 6:15a would be a good rise and shine time this morning, she's getting her 2 year molars, has a cold, and is missing her daddy and the normalcy of her schedule. Her crabbiness, while understanable, has reached a new level. While I keep the business humming, her grandma Lyn has come to watch her. She has lupus and a cold. She needs prayer for strength and a supernatural energy. I am, as you can imagine, am running on little sleep, busy keeping the office running, trying to maintain a "normal" mom attitude, visting/waiting/advocating with and for Shawn, and caring for my family. I am praying that some things will be discovered that will lead to healing for Shawn and for the strength and energy to endure throughout the rest of his illness. We are hoping that he will be back on his feet soon. I miss the man I married who is usually training for 1/2 marathons, keeping me laughing, and as with most of you is my rock. Right now he's kind of a floating, damaged buoy. I feel a little disoriented without him.


Anonymous said...

I am crying just reading this and imagining the pain and stress your family is going through.

I can take a day off of work this week or can come down this weekend to watch Evie to give you and Grandma Lyn a hand or a break. Let me know what you need!

love, sara

xander's mama said...

Keep your chin up! Shawn will get better, and will be back to his old self before you know it! Call me if you need to vent! I love you!