Monday, June 8, 2009

Update #2

Shawn did indeed have a bile leak. It goes to figure that he would experience the uncommon, but serious complication of gallbladder surgery;o) They put two stints in at 4pm and he is feeling better. It will be 24-36 hours give/take until he is feeling 100% (besides his recent surgery-but even that feels better). He's a bit goofy tonight because of the medication they gave him, can't even remember me being there afterward. So we are hopefully, and finally on the road to recovery. The stints will be removed via the same method in 4 weeks. We really appreciated all your kind words and especially your prayers. Thanks!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Guys; we hope that all is pretty well back to normal in your home life now and that Shawn is feeling just about "human" again?
Bruce is recuperating after a hernia operation over a week ago but he did not follow Drs instructions so is taking twice as long to mend. (Therefore no income either!)
Make sure Shawn does as he is told!!
Enjoy your time with big sis and X.
Cheers LOL Dawn XX