Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Cousins Part 1

As promised...

I love the dynamics between Evie and Xander. They are so totally opposite each other that it is cause for lots of frustration (on their part) and smiles (for the rest of us). Xander is all boy. He loves, loves, loves everything to do with cars. Whether it's watch Cars the movie, play with his cars, drink from cars cups... if it's about cars he loves it. That also goes for trucks. He tromps more then he walks and makes the most adorable frowns. He is still shy and this Auntie has to steal her kisses, which I did as often as possible. His favorite thing to say is "_______, doin'?" Fill in the blank with gramma, grampa, Auntie Tawnda, Uncle Shawn, get the picture. Xander doesn't mind if you help him out either with eating or getting down stairs.

Evie on the other hand is all girl. She loves to hold, cuddle and feed her "babies." She pushes them around in their stroller, puts them in the booster, and trys to diaper them. She's a runner and loves to smile. She willingly gives both hugs and kisses. She doesn't say much we can understand, but loves to talk, talk, talk none the less...especially on the phone. Evie is very independent (which could be termed stubborn). Please don't even try to help her with eating, dressing babies or walking across the street.

Evie loves to play with Xander. Xander is used to going solo. Her idea of playing is to take his cars. This leads to Xander being upset. Out of everyone, Evie loves to share her hugs and kisses with Xander the most. He doesn't want her girl cooties. On the other hand, if one of them finds something funny they both laugh hysterically. They enjoy being around each other especially if it includes being outside. I love that Evie has a cousin so close to her in age. I know that as they grow they will become best long as she doesn't expect kisses and stops her toy stealing ways.

Here is some of the first highlights from their week together:

First rides on a 4-wheeler.

This is how Evie plays with trucks...and this is how Xander plays with them. His face says, "Evie you are doing this all wrong." But he did try to sit in the same dump drunk minutes later. Unfortunately, Evie's tiny self is the only one who could manage it.
Playing with cars...I can't tell by Xanders face if she stole one or not. It wouldn't be the first.

Miss innocent. She is wearing her first pair of tennis shoes. Bonus: She didn't scream bloody murder when we put them on. She loved them!!


Anonymous said...

More please.

Love Shawn

Anonymous said...

LOVE the pictures! SO cute!

love, sara

xander's mama said...

Love it! I am going to copy your journaling to include in my scrapbooking.