Friday, July 3, 2009

Cousins Part 2

I was reminded recently about the joy of going on a boat ride as I witnessed Xander and Evie enjoy their very first. Here's what you might miss if you're only using the boat to get to your next location:

1. Playing in the fish tank (minus fish) is a blast.
2. It's important to have extra support if you want to enjoy the water waves from the boat.
3. Water tastes great fresh from the lake.
4. Or off of your face.
5. The wonder of nature is amazing at any age.

6. Grandpa's make awesome guides.
7. Why use one hand when you can use two?
8. The only bummer is those dang life jackets, but safety first. Wear yours!

We had a blast, wish you were there;o)


xander's mama said...

Cute!!! Again--you'll need to make me a disk!

Anonymous said...

I love the sheer joy on Xander's face. Wish I could have been there.