Saturday, August 1, 2009

Cousins Part 3

I haven't finished posting about the fun week we spent in GR with Xander and my family. Mid-week my mom took off from work and we went to the Forest History Center. I don't remember it being that neat, but going again was fun and the kids really enjoyed it. The "actors" were my favorite part. Here are the highlights.

Evie "driving" her and Xander in the logging truck.

Evie pushing Xander's stroller. All the things around there to do and this was probably her favorite thing. She just wants to play "mama" all the time.
My mom with a crabby Evie. Taken away from her stroller pushing fun.
Me and my darling.
Xander the cutie, listening to the logger who looks a little like Santa.
Keesha and my dad logging old fashioned like. Fun, fun, fun! I bet they were glad they only had to do one piece. Thank goodness for saws!

Xander and Evie checking out firewood.
Exploring the indoor "cave."

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