Sunday, August 2, 2009


She is 23 months old. She will turn 2 in one month. She will now be considered a preschooler instead of a toddler. She is growing up too fast.

She picks up and lugs around her puppy, even after we've said no twenty times. She throws a fit if she can't hold him or pick him up. She reads her books to him. She is a bossy caretaker, forcing him to play with his toys or chew his bones. She gets upset if she can't hold his leash or come outside with us during potty breaks.

She has a big vocabulary now, this includes: bye, no, bubble, cookie, mommee, daddy, yes, more, monkey, ball, Abi and puppy. She seems to be learning a new word everyday. She said her first sentence in early July: What is it? She has now shortened said sentence into: "this." She said for the first time tonight: "No way!"

She already has nurturing instincts. She rocks, reads to, kisses, feeds and loves her many "babies."

She loves Seasme Street. She will sit for nearly the whole show except for when they play fun music and then she can't help but get up and shake her groove thing. She dances like a pro, albeit a 23 month old pro.

She continues to be miss picky when it comes to eating, especially in public and for the babysitters. She hates most meats and proteins. She is a rare child who turns away peanut butter, chicken nuggets, and spaghetti. She will normally only eat turkey hotdogs, canned chicken, eggs and pasta pickups. She loves her sippy cups, especially with straws, and has come to enjoy the one cup of "juice" (ie half juice, half water) that she gets for lunch.

She is an awesome sleeper. She goes to bed everynight by herself without a fuss. She has a fairly strict night routine: pajamas, brush teeth, prayers, kisses and then tucked into bed with Monkey, pacifier and blanket. She still naps once daily between 2-3. She is good at staying down 2 or 3 hours.

She is taking swimming lessons. She disliked laying on her back in the water but is getting much better at it as the time goes on. She loves to jump into the water. She loves the games. She gets to enjoy the class on Tuesdays with me and with daddy on Thursdays.

She is outgoing when she gets to know people and more shy around strangers. She gets crazy when she is familiar with you, running around, jumping and laughing. She takes after me in that way.

She has become excellent at throwing temper tantrums. She is definitely ready to be a two year-old. She falls on the ground, fists in her eyes, bawling her eyes out.

She has a little bossy in her personality. She can make it seem like she's sweet talking you. She takes charge with kids smaller then her. She tries to get her friend Abi to take the pacifier, drink from her sippy, and sit down by force. She can be a little bit of a beast.

She has gone #2 on the potty once. She is resistent to using the potty except to sit on for fun. She thinks mommy is playing a fun potty sitting, book reading game. She doesn't know that mom may be switching tactics soon to get her trained by her second birthday. She may be spending a weekend naked as a jay bird, because this pull-up thing is just to much like diapers.

She makes my heart so light. She makes it nearly impossible to be mad, even in the midst of a tantrum. She is just too cute for her own good. She is loved more then we ever thought is possible. She is such a big little girl. She is growing up too fast. She is our greatest blessing.


Anonymous said...

Those are great pictures. You forgot that she also thinks the puppy has to go on the potty like her.

Love Shawn

xander's mama said...

Very sweet...I miss my "baby" girl! Can't wait until you guys come here in October. I like the new look of the blog-so much easier to read! Love you!