Monday, May 10, 2010

24 weeks

24 weeks down and 12 to go!! At this point, I remain without restrictions except for resting when I'm tired or feel pressure. I am also limited to 30 pounds for lifting, which still leaves me free to heft Evie around. She's a whopping 25.5 pounds. At this point, I think my belly weighs more! At any rate, I have an OB appointment Wednesday where they will once again take some measurements of my cervix and if the numbers are below normal that could knock out all current restrictions. We will just have to see.

Most everyone tells me how good I am looking, which I think is a good thing. I imagine either they know someone who's had twins and they look terrible or they just expect a pregnant mother of triplets to look horrible. I talked to a good friend who said it's because I am still smiling and am not pale or exhausted. Hopefully everyone will be saying the same thing in a month. I've also been told I "look small." I think everyone forgets what a pregnant woman would look like at 6 months if she was only carrying a singleton. This is NOT small, I definitely look like I should start labor very soon, as I've been told! Hopefully, that won't happen for quite a while.

The babies are kicking harder and most often at the same time so my belly moves quite a bit. They even kick my hand up about an inch. Because my belly keeps growing up, I am having trouble distinguishing the boys from one another. That and they were head to feet at 22 weeks and now I can't say for sure. I can feel our little girl move the most as there doesn't seem to be as much placenta blocking her movements. I feel them kick more at night then Evelyn did. At least the boys do. Baby girl seems to be a bit of a morning glory, like her sister. Isn't it just like kids to be half night owls and half morning glories. Unfortunately, Shawn is neither and likes both go to bed early AND sleep in. Therefore he will be no help whatsoever as they get older. I'm a night owl so at least I can hang out with the boys. It's the girls that we will have to figure out what to do with. Shawn and I take turns now, maybe we can talk them into sleeping in! Unlikely unless they are teenagers!

As I've mentioned before I will be in GR while my sister and nephew are visiting from Texas. I can't wait! Our baby shower is this Saturday from 1-3pm at the Y. Stop by if you can!

Evelyn (finally) grabbed her Christmas cups, plates and food and utilized the (also Christmas) table in her bedroom. She hasn't bothered to use either much since receiving them from "Santa" but today she thought a "tea party" with her baby (notice the highchair with baby and tea set) and teddy bear. I thought she was so adorable that I had to get pictures. Her nickname used to primarily "monkey" because as a baby and toddler she was very silly. Lately, I've been calling her "sunshine." She is definitely my sunshine! Most times I am feeling crabby or cranky one sweet smile from her can change my day!!

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