Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ella, 6 months


Her first laugh!!


Her baby blues are SO gorgeous!! I am hoping they are the "V" eye color inherited from me, my dad and my grandpa.

One of her favorite toys. She loves to sit and explore toys. She is very content here.

Her Christmas toy. It "roars", which I imagine she will love.

Her first stocking filled with gifts from Santa.

Long eyelashes, she is a doll!!

Ella. Isn't it a beautiful name?

She is the "eldest" of the triplets.
Ella Rae shares my middle name, which means "ewe."
Ella is Greek and means "torch light".
She enjoys listening to her name put in the tune of Buddy Holly's "Peggy Sue."

Ella is technically six months old. She is 5 months adjusted. She is a little behind for her "technical" age but up to speed for where she needs to be.
According to her pediatrician she is developmentally on track for her age except for problem solving. Who needs that skill anyway??
Ella loves to move. Kick, kick, kick. Wave, wave wave. Bounce, bounce, bounce.
Ella has the funnest time in the bouncer when she scoots low and then kicks both legs up and down in sync. This movement REALLY sets her bouncing, which causes lots of shrieks and squeals. Changing her can be difficult because she gets kicking so fast and hard. Buttoning is a marathon task.
Meeting Great-Ampa and Great-Amma Burt for the first time.

She loves splashing in the bath. She literally kicks out half of her bath water. I have video to prove it. She manages to get me, the window, the floor and anything in a 3 foot radius wet. She splashed so much she soaked (ie it was dripping and had to be rung out) a kitchen towel.

Ella is a whopping 13lbs, 9ozs. Up 9lbs, 7ozs in six months.
She is in the 9% for weight.
Ella loves to blow air out of her mouth with her lower lip tucked in. It's very slobbery but she loves it when you "talk" back.
Ella is an urper. The worst. She could care less but I do use a lot of pre-soak on her clothing.

Ella is 24" long. Up 6.5" in 6 months.
She loves to open her mouth for eating but if you're not there with food waiting she will "yell" at you. "AAAAAHHHHHHHHH." Once food hits her mouth she tells you how delicious it is.
She can roll her tongue back into her mouth, a skill we noticed while she was trying to lick cereal/pears/green beans off of her spoon. Yes, this is a combo of food we serve them and they eat it up!
Ella is battling her first cold. It's wrecked havoc on mom and dad's previously fairly full nights sleep. The bouncer is her new best friend for night sleeping to keep the snotty's at bay.

Ella has her daddy's eyes and skin tone. Her mommy's shoulder dimples. Evie's smile. Otherwise she is a good combination of Shawn and I.
She loves her fingers. She has two in her mouth all the time.
Ella has the most beautiful blue eyes with gorgeous long eyelashes. Her head is perfectly round.
Ella loves raspberries on her inner thighs. Odd spot but causes giggles every time, especially for daddy. She laughed for the first time on January 1st. Happy New Year!

Ella is NOT a patient baby. She is VERY demanding especially when it comes to eating.
Ella can finish a 140 ml bottle (4.5oz) in less then 5 minutes. This is the truth...we timed her.
And she was falling asleep while we were doing it.
Ella wears 3-6 month clothing and size 2 diapers.
Ella is a jumper. First, she prefers to stand and once standing she jumps like crazy. Shawn thought I was exaggerating and then Ella proved me right. She is too funny!

She would be sleeping through the night (ie 8pm-7am) if it weren't for her ravenous brothers.
Ella had her first food January 15th. Rice cereal with breast milk. She looked at us like, "why are you putting this weird stuff in my mouth?"
Ella has no teeth yet. We can't see any on the horizon either.

Ella looks like a little girl. Sometimes it's hard to tell with babies but she definitely has a femininity to her looks. God knew she wouldn't want to be confused with her brothers.
The only "un-feminine" characteristic is her "Andy Rooney" (her daddy's term) eyebrows which literally stick out from her face 1/4". They are hilarious!

Ella prefers napping in the swing on 3rd speed. She prefers to sleep with her head turned to the left with her face pressed into the side of the seat. In-utero she was situated with her head in my pelvic crest (I could literally feel her head, and can/could point out exactly where it was). When we see her sleeping like these we believe it's because of this and having her face pressed up against my bone for so many months.
Ella's nicknames are Sweet Pea, Sweetheart and Ella Bella.
She has been a huge blessing which we cannot imagine our lives without!!!


keeshaobrien said...

Love it! Beautiful pics of my youngest niece! Miss her bunches. Hugs and kisses Ella, Auntie loves you!

Anonymous said...

Miss my little jumper! Auntie and Uncie love you!!!!


Anonymous said...

She is so gorgeous because she gets so much of her looks from you.

Love Shawn

Anonymous said...

My sweet youngest Grand daughter.
I love her big blue eyes. She is so very cute.
I think with those big eyes she will have her daddy wrapped around her finger. Just like big sis Evie. ;)
Amma A