Monday, January 31, 2011

From the beginning til now

Initially, I had my picture taken with Grant, Henry and Ella for a couple of reasons. First because I wanted a picture with all three of them together. And second, on the day of that first picture they were 5 days old and had regained most of the weight they'd lost after birth and thus holding them you and I can/could be astonished that only a few short days before they had fit in my belly. Not only fit, but able to move an astonishing amount (Grant flipped from day to day. One day his head was on my left, the next day it was on my right-up to the c-section). In total they weighed 12lbs, 13ozs. I wanted this picture to commemorate this. In reality, Ella and Grant should switch places based on where they were in-utero but because of the I.V's and monitors we had to place the babies in this order.

Third, I once saw a scrapbook page where the child had had a picture taken with a stuffed bunny at birth and then every month thereafter. Thus, recording the child's growth in a unique, visual way. Since we didn't do that but had pictures taken with me, I decided I would have to be their "bunny". Here's how they've grown in the last six months. Amazing how much they've changed!!


sjv said...

What a fantastic idea! It is so fun to see how much they have grown! BEAUTIFUL babies!!!

Love, sara

keeshaobrien said...

They have changed so much--makes me miss seeing them grow even more! You have changed too, you can see it in your face! Love you all so much and miss you bunches! Hugs and kisses to all. (BTW-that page is adorable!)

Anonymous said...

You won't be able to hold all three much longer.
Lot Of Love Dad

Sydney said...

Very cool idea!