Thursday, January 27, 2011

Henry, 6 months

Smiling with his hand in his mouth.

Playing with his hand in his mouth.

Looking at the camera with his hand in his mouth...see a pattern??

Taking a nap with Anpa Jeff.

Henry with his Christmas stocking filled with gifts from "Santa."

Henry. Isn't that a beautiful name?

Henry is 6 months old, 5 months adjusted.
According to his pediatrician he is right on according to his technical age and is only behind in the area of problem solving. Who needs that skill anyway??
Henry is German and means "home ruler." He is never going to know this;o)
Henry's middle name is Carl and is named after his daddy. We had debated between Carl or Charles, which Carl is a form of. It seems appropriate since he is nearly a spitting image of Shawn.

Henry is Shawn's mini-me right down to his adorable and gorgeous smile.
Henry might have my eyes, though this is hard to tell at this point because you can't see past the Shawn.
Henry's favorite toy is his fingers, especially his right thumb and pointer. Nearly every picture of him during his sixth month includes fingers in his mouth.
He rarely plays with toys you put in front of him, except for under the bouncer and play mat, because then he'd have to remove his fingers from his mouth.

Henry loves eating solids but of the three he has the most difficulty with his tongue pushing food out.
He had his first solid of cereal with breast milk on January 15th.
He has liked pears but makes the silliest sour face whenever he gets a spoon-full of green beans.
He is the middle triplet.
He weighs a whopping 16lbs, 8oz up 11lbs, 6oz from birth.
He is in the 33% for weight.
He's already 2 lbs heavier then Evie was at his age.
Henry is our "talker" and grunter. He spends most of his time telling stories.
He not only talks and grunts but delights us with so many other adorable noises. LOVE it!
Henry loves when I sing to him (he must be tone deaf). His favorite is the Do-Ra-Mi-Fa-So-La-Ti-Do song from The Sound of Music.

He can roll back to front but does so slowly and with much noise.
He uses this to maneuver off of the play mat and around it.
He is not in the bouncer as much because he usually ends up on his tummy using his mad rolling skills.

Henry is the most difficult night sleeper.
He wakes the most often and has to rock in the swing if he is going to make it til 3 or 4.
He is currently being weaned from this but we are finding it difficult.
Henry snores, usually this is not a good thing but with him it is adorable.

Henry is easygoing and laid back. He rarely cries unless really tired or hungry.
He makes the most adorable sad face with a face scrunch, it makes me smile and my heart melt.
Henry is my only breast feeder. He also takes bottles at night and though much bigger doesn't require more formula/breast milk in his bottles then Ella OR Grant.
He must have a slower metabolism.

Henry was the first to laugh.
He is the hardest to get to laugh. Evelyn has no difficulty in getting him going. This is totally unfair! Doesn't he know I carried him for 8 months and how much I do for him!?! ;0)
He ADORES Evie. They all do. The looks that they constantly give her are so amazing.
He and they alone know what she seems to be telling them! She shares stories and involves them in almost everything she does.

His nicknames are: Chubba Bubba, Chubbas, Big Boy, Sweetie, Baby boy.
He brings such joy to our lives.


keeshaobrien said...

Love it! Beautiful pics of my oldest nephew! I just want to kiss on those little chubby cheeks! Lots of hugs and kisses Henry, Auntie loves and misses you bunches!

Anonymous said...

Great job Tawnda i miss you all.
Lol Anpa Jeff

Anonymous said...

Love the pics of Henry!
I saw you in Henry last time I was there.

Amma A