Friday, May 27, 2011

Grant, 10 Months

Grant is our silly little man. The one I call "our ham." He is our comedian and makes the craziest faces, and does the silliest movements. He greets us with the biggest smile of all of our babies. He loves to say mama, dada and also "talk" laugh. He makes spitting noises and mimics kissing noises. He loves to wink and sleep on his belly. He doesn't have any "favorite" toys but does enjoy making noise with them whether it is by banging them on something, shaking them or, his favorite, dragging them across the laminate flooring while laying on his belly. Grant can also be a bit of a drama-king "crying" just for attention.

He is our great imitator in facial expressions, vocal sounds and actions. He has recently discovered clapping, which he copies with a HUGE smile on his face. He also likes to use both hands and clap on his belly. He seems to really enjoy rhythm, music and sound. Perhaps a career in the music field. Recently his favorite activity is to crawl around the house, which in actuality is pulling himself around with his hands. It basically looks like his fully functioning legs are now paralyzed and he drags them around as such. He works to get up on his knees and tented up on his feet but hasn't really figured out how to use this skill. Still he manages to get around quite well. He is the most ticklish under his arms and in his armpits. He loves to play the "stinky feet" game.

Grant is Evie's favorite to "love." She is constantly telling him stories, hugging him, cuddling him and sometimes irritating him. He tolerates it in it's most aggressive moments and loves it at its sweetest. Most of the time he adores her. As yet Evie doesn't understand that crying means, "STOP!" He's pretty stubborn and will most likely continue to "tell" her until he can actually say the words. While he loves everyone, he is somewhat of a mama's boy. Here's the highlights of his 10th month:

New foods this month: Eggs Yolks (bleh-LOVES them now), chicken pieces (not baby food-have you seen how nasty that stuff looks?) (YUM-give me more!), apricots mixed in with other fruit (ok), and Soy Yogurt (pretty good).

Starts saying my favorite word: "ma-ma-ma" on May 1st.

We had visitors the last/first weekend in April/May, my friend Andrea and her two children Emma and Easton. With her I took the kids out for their first extended shopping trip and extended trip in the quad stroller. You should've seen the looks and whispered conversations. We were quite the attraction. Doing this once has grown my confidence in managing going out and about with the kids, like I once did with Evie. Maybe to start shopping once a week with them or doing something beside being homebodies.

Grant shared his puffs with me on the 8th of May. He is quite the sweetheart!!!! He delights in others and maybe this is a sign he will be a people person, outgoing and more of an extrovert. He certainly likes to steal the show and be the center of mama and daddy's attention.

Spring had finally shown some hope of arriving on the 10th of May when it was above 90 degrees for the first time. Although there were some warmer days after their arrival in July the babies never were able to enjoy them or wear shorts so this was the first day they did both. The heat though was a tad exhausting for everyone. The hot days also meant hotter nights and after several weeks/nights of the boys being exhaustively restless sleepers, daddy and I discovered that our hot body boys sleep better dressed in their summer pajamas. Finally we went back to only waking for a bottle.

Though his first and only successful attempt, Grant pulled himself to standing while sitting on my lap and using my clothes. He was pretty darn cute doing it to. Until he manages to go from crawling to sitting he won't be able to make any further attempts. He is also pretty cute with his legs. He seems to be the most flexible of the three being the only one to get a taste of his toes and one day during a bottle feeding he used his flexibility to hold his bottle. There he was in daddy's lap with both his hands AND feet holding on. Didn't I tell you he's our comedian?

Grant is still a peanut. I adore that these three are so physically different, giving us a little of everything. In his tinyness the 12 month summer pajamas (the only size we currently own) do not stay over his tush and he probably could continue to wear the size 3 diapers. We've switched him to size 4 mostly for the easy of buying only 1 size. Hopefully they will all continue to do well in the 4's. Like Evie he is bound to need "cinchers" in all his pants so that they won't randomly fall down. Still, as the peanut I get to enjoy his "babyness" longer then the other two. It possibly keeps away some of the sadness that comes when one's babies are nearly toddlers. His small hands and feet are my favorite to hold and nibble.

Their last week of being 9 months was a sick one for the babies. All were running on average 103 degree temperatures (rectal) and though their affect most of the time was pretty good they did have some moments of crabbiness. I took them to the doctor for a double check because of several days of a high fever which spiked in Grant at 104 degrees even under OTC antipyretics. As I suspected they didn't have anything bacterial, just a virus. The fevers eventually gave way to congestion and snotty noses. Grant is doing well currently. Now I am just waiting for another tooth to arrive, though he has no teething signs currently.

10 months is a fun time...we're sad it's gone so fast but it has been a beautiful ride.

One of my favorites of Shawn and the kids. Don't you LOVE their expressions of mutual adoration????


Anonymous said...

I absolutely love that picture. I had not seen it before. Thanks for capturing that moment!!

Love Shawn

Jessalyn said...

Love this! I can't wait to see them next week!

Love you!

Anonymous said...

As I was reading and looking at the pictures of Grant, I wondered where did the time go? (it went way to fast!)
The pictures of Grant sitting in a restaurant made me think "Grant is a toddler" where did my baby Grant go?

I love his big smiles and the way he invents "peek a boo" without needing to cover his face. He was facing me and looking down and when he would look up at me I would say "peek a boo" and he quickly would look down again and repeat this action over and over.

God's miracles are great and all my grandkids are miracles.
Love you all,
Amma A

keeshaobrien said...

Miss you, you sweet, silly little boy! Hugs and Kisses from Auntie and I'll get to see you soon :)