Monday, May 2, 2011

Grant, 9 months

Here are the top 10 things mommy and daddy love about Grant @ 9 months:

10. Your laugh. By far the easiest to illicit especially by ticking under your arm and into your armpit. Your laugh is adorable as well because of the deepness of it.

9. The face you make when you want our attention and are "crying." Such a little-old-man-frown that just makes us want to smile. Sorry it is so ineffective;o)

8. That you love games including winking, making tongue noises and peek-abo. I love that you randomly break into these games and I would rather play them then do most anything else.

7. We love that you are small in stature. While we adore our chubby babies we also love your tiny arms and legs and that you are 4lbs lighter then your brother. We love that even though you are so tiny you still have a big belly and adorable double chin.

6. We love your curious nature. How you look at each toy for long periods just trying to figure it out. We love to watch you explore your surroundings.

5. We love that you love music and will "head-bang" to most music but especially "Grant's Song" (to the tune of Bat Man "Nah, nah, nah Grant man, Grant man, Grant man: Silly man, handsome man, Grant man!") We love how you will suddenly hear a tune you love, push yourself up onto both arms and bob your head to the beat.

4. We love that you finally found your voice and our home is now filled with three voices saying "ma-ma-ma, da-da-da" along with other "words." Music to our ears!!

3. We love that you are our cuddlebug. You want to be held the most, rocked to sleep and need us to show our love to you through touch. We hope you continue to love to be held and cuddled.

2. We love your easy smile. You light up the room with that smile and bring it out even at 2am right in the middle of a big cry.
And the #1 reason we love Grant is that we get to call you our son, our little Grant man and watch you learn and grow.

Grant's Statistics and Facts @ 9 months:

Weight: 15# 4oz (1%)
Length: 25 3/4 (1%)
Head Circumference: 17.25 (13%)

*Compared to Evie Grant is a lot smaller both in length and weight but his head is bigger. He's most like her in size and stature but smaller at this age because he started out at 3# 9oz and she at 8# 3oz.

*Meets his Uncle Chris for the first time on March 24th. Plays peek-a-boo for the first time with him using his burp cloth. Grant does all the work holding it over his eyes and pulling it down.

*Attends his first funeral, for great-anma Betty.

*Moves to 3 "square" meals a day and "eats" out at his first restaurant.

*Starts "growling."

*Begins to utilize the pincher grasp on puffs but can only get them to his mouth as he can't let them go once there.

*On April 3rd gets his 3rd tooth: Left upper front.

*Switches to size 3 diapers on April 7th and size 6-9 clothes on the 16th. As typical he grows out of his pants first.

*Gets up on all 4's rocking. Crawling here we come!

*Finally finds his voice on the 7th of April. I confuse it for Ella and come out and he is talking like mad using many syllables.

*Shares an intense dislike for both of the new foods this month, potatoes and avocados, refusing to open his mouth after a few bites.

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keeshaobrien said...

Oh Grant, how I miss that sweet face and silly grin. I just want to smother you in kisses. I love that you look a lot like your cousin Xander. Hugs and kisses!