Thursday, November 3, 2011

Ella, 15 months

Weight: 20lbs, 13oz
Height: 29.25 in

  • Moving. She NEVER stops. Such a little walker/runner. She was the first (as expected) to take off on her own. Since then there is no stopping her. Initially she only crawled to get to an object to help her get standing again but then once she learned to stand alone she NEVER crawled again. Now she's running and when the mood strikes stomping (which is oh so adorable).
  • Being a bit of a tease. She loves to snatch a toy from her "womb-mates," give it a chuck mid-dash and LAUGHS gleefully while doing so.
  • Books. She is really getting into turning the pages and looking at the pictures. Shawn and I have not been good at reading to these guys but that is starting to change. I recently read one of my favorite's " I love you through and through" and she sat for the whole thing. She probably would've enjoyed a second or even third reading.
  • Animal crackers, goat's milk, all fruit, peas, hotdogs, PB, and most other foods.
  • Sleeping on her tummy most of the time with blankets, her teddy or whatever shoved under her belly and pelvis. It's most often her teddy and it's pretty cute. She's a big drooler because her face is always smashed into the mattress.
  • Her teddy. It definitely has the roughed-up bear look going for it. I love that she cuddles him so tightly and loves him.
  • Having her inner thighs tickled. It's still her ticklish spot and she still goes the most crazy when Shawn blows on them or tickles them with his "5 o'clock" shadow.
  • Blowing kisses. She does so quite frequently and ESPECIALLY when she's just been told "no!" She also loves to blow raspberries, especially on my tummy...for whatever reason.
  • Drama. She is the queen. She is going to be THE BOSS someday. She is definitely the "older" sister of the 3. If you sit on the floor she practically plows anyone in her way down to get the prime lap spot. Then she scoots her butt out till she's lounged back like a queen on her throne. I can see that as soon as she can "speak" she will be ordering everyone else to do her bidding.
  • Music. She's a dancing queen!
  • To laugh. She doesn't need a reason other then her joy for life.
  • Daddy...of course! Tonight she was quite the excited chatterbox the second daddy walked through the door.
  • Stomping. It's a new skill and she breaks out in silly stomps whenever the mood strikes. I had to capture it on video because it was so adorable. Sometimes she runs and stomps at the same time and THAT is a silly sight in and of itself.
Her personality:
  • Talkative. Lots to say, none of it is understandable. She does repeat you, but I haven't heard use them on her own. Though it's hard to pay attention to 3 talkers.
  • Fun-loving/joyful. She definitely finds life fun and exciting. She wears a smile nearly 24/7.
  • Adventurous. She has {almost} no fear. She exhibits the least amount of stranger anxiety and just all out goes for it with abandon!
  • Sweet. She's a darling. She cuddles and kisses. But more then that she just loves to be around people.
  • Silly. Most toddlers really are silly. They march to their own beats and find life fun, hilarious, exciting and a all out blast. We love being on the ride.
In trouble for:
  • Standing up in her highchair. She does it repeatedly (read approximately 5 times a meal). Unfortunately, a simple "NO" does not create even a glimmer of obedience and so we've had to be a little more firm in our punishment. The last two days have been MUCH better.
  • Pulling food from the cupboards. With the new house we've only JUST installed the door locks. So this one is getting better.
  • Throwing food on the floor. She can be and is the worst at making a floor mess. I can only imagine what it COULD look like if we didn't have a dog.
  • Pulling off her bibs, mid meal. Quite annoying habit that all 3 have gotten into.
  • Ella loves life and is such a firecracker. She hates slowing down. Evie can be a bit of a naughty in this department as she loves to love (hug/hold) the babies and Ella doesn't like to be kept still for so long. She also probably doesn't like her space invaded so frequently.
  • Being clean while eating. She is the one to create the most messes.
  • Having baths. The babies used to LOVE baths but that was in the old house. The new house has no tub so I've been bathing them in the kitchen sink, which is quite large. Plenty of room for splashing good times but for whatever reason she is scared of it.
  • Vacuums, brooms and the corn stove. VERY SCARY!!! It is terrifying for her!
  • Getting her picture professionally taken. For whatever reason, the little silly gets SERIOUS and acts as if she is SUSPICIOUS of the photographer. {Nearly} every picture of her since birth has her scowling. Which, if you know Ella is completely against her happy, silly character.
Here's the last THREE months of Ella in pictures:

Attacking Toby.


First time in the sandbox. Notice the sand covering her shoulders.

Dancing QUEEN!

She already loves jewelry!

SO serious! This is about the closest to a smile you're going to get!

How big are you, Ella?? SO BIG!

Messy eater.

This is one of my favorite things about Ella. Running full tilt, arms outstretched into my arms!


We are still working on the "feeding myself with a spoon" skill. So far, their attempts have been messy. They need more practice but imagine being the mama and having to clean this up x3 at EVERY meal...see what I'm saying!


It's such a joy to be your parents. Everyday we watch you change and grow and are amazed that you are our own sweet, Ella Bella. Your zest for life and joy at the world are a thrill to watch and be a part of. We pray that you will always have this spirit and that the Lord would use it for His glory. Ever since you made your presence known with your kicks and jabs, ours has been a journey of love. NEVER doubt it. You have made life SO much more beautiful. I cannot imagine a day without you in it. Love you to the moon and back! Mama

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keeshaobrien said...

Oh how I miss y'all! Love, love, love the video at the end, I love "learning" about the kiddos and Ella at 15 months is no exception! Lots of hugs and kisses to Ella!