Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Henry, 15 months

Weight: 22lbs, 14oz
Height: 30.25 in

  • Being silly. He knows he's silly too because he'll do something that will make you laugh and then turn and give you a big grin, "see, aren't I cute??" he says.
  • Putting toys/shoes/books/sippy's/dolls/dog toys/small blankets etc into baskets, which includes the garbage can. Right now he is filling one of our clothes baskets with everything in sight.
  • Mr. Teddy. Of the 3, Henry's is the most beloved bear. He makes sure to carry him out of bed every morning and nap and then carries him around till he needs both arms for something. He was so excited to grab him from the laundry basket this afternoon, Mr. Teddy had had a bath because Henry "put" him in the garbage along with a sock and play phone.
  • Animal crackers, goat's milk, all fruit, peas, hotdogs, PB, and most other foods. He is not happy while eating however unless he has food in BOTH hands. Sometimes both hands AND his mouth.
  • Sleeping on his tummy with his head on top of his arms or on his side snuggling Mr. Teddy
  • Throwing his bedding on the floor at night and nap time. Closing and opening doors.
  • Walking. Henry definitely likes to run and move. He's on the go all the time and has the most adorable walk. Daddy says he looks a bit like an ape...albeit a VERY adorable one.
  • Getting what he wants, when he wants it. Henry will literally chase his siblings down for their cookies or toys. He's the triplet bully, always trying to steal someone else's lunch money.
  • Giving kisses. My favorite thing yet about Henry. He gives you sweet kisses when asked and he still loves to give BIG hugs and cuddles.
  • Mama...I'm still his main squeeze.
  • Sleeping in the car. He falls asleep in seconds and even if he wakes up and seems like naptime is over, he can almost always fall back to sleep. Who can blame him? Warning: Also EASILY falls asleep in his highchair if left "unattended."

  • Acting like a puppy. He still loves to put stuff in his mouth and shake it like a dog. STILL adorable.
His personality:
  • Silly. And he knows it. See comment above.
  • All boy. Henry walks, talks and interacts like a boy. He's got a deep voice, which we hear quite often. His favorite syllables are "do-be-do-be." He walks LOUDLY just like his daddy. I commonly mistake his footsteps as that of his older (and heavier) sister and even sometimes daddy himself.
  • Serious. As much as he is silly, Henry has his moments of seriousness. This is especially seen when he is eating. Food is QUITE the serious subject.
  • Adventurous and fun loving. We didn't see this trait as much until Henry discovered the indoor play-yard at our mall. He LOVES to run and slide and crawl through tunnels. The first time, we spent a good chunk of time capturing the little escapee.
  • Flirtatous. Henry becomes this shy and sweet smiling little boy around EVERY female. He made sure to stop and say "hey, baby" to every female (adult) within the confines of the play ground. I am not exaggerating!
In trouble for:
  • Bullying, terrorizing, and picking on his 2 SMALLER siblings. Initially it was because they had a toy or food item that he wanted. Now it seems that he does it because he enjoys it. His favorite target is Grant and his favorite way to pick on him is to grab his collar and pull him down to the floor or just pull on him while Grant is walking. SO NAUGHTY! He also steals their snack cups or sippy's because his are empty or because he likes theirs better. This problem is very hard to discipline for.
  • Pulling off his bibs, mid meal. Quite annoying habit that all 3 have gotten into.
  • Sharing mommy's lap. He shoves and kicks and is altogether mean to his siblings. All with a sweetest smile for me.
  • Having baths. The babies used to LOVE baths but that was in the old house. The new house has no tub so I've been bathing them in the kitchen sink, which is quite large. Plenty of room for splashing good times but for whatever reason he hates it.
  • Others having stuff or more food then him.
  • Wearing hats. Keeping your head/ears warm or the sun out of your eyes is for chumps.
    Henry when he can't get something he wants. VERY sad/angry!

    He's pretty proud of his "mad" spoon skills.

    Jungle Henry.

    Milk, milk, milky, milk, milky,milky, milk, milk!!

    If there's food around, Henry's around!

    He loved exploring this strange toy, but my favorite part is that it captured him "talking."

    See aren't I adorable and silly!

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keeshaobrien said...

So adorable! Lots of hugs and kisses Henry and be nice to your brother and sisters! Auntie loves you and misses you lots and lots!