Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Grant, 15 months

Weight: 18lbs 5oz
Height: 28 3/4"


  • Throwing things. Everything. He rarely throws actual balls, preferring anything and everything. He loves to see what noise it makes and how loud it can be.
  • Being a ham. Pull out a camera and he gives you his best smile. He loves to play peek-a-boo and point out his nose. He makes us laugh by scrunching up his nose and breathing deep. He makes the best faces and has the best laugh.
  • Understanding toys and things. He's the one most likely to explore every aspect of a toy. What it does. How it feels. Noises it makes. Sometimes what it tastes like.
  • Talking LOUDLY. He loves to YELL! And scream. And he loves it when you yell and scream back.
  • Animal crackers, goat's milk, all fruit, peas, hotdogs, PB, and most other foods. He sometimes likes to spit the food out look it over and then go back to consuming it.
  • Sleeping with a blanket under his head. We finally got him and his siblings pillows and he showed his appreciation by rolling around on it. He is the best at going to sleep because he immediately snuggles into his pillow, snuggles his teddy and gets comfy under his blanket.
  • Being chased. He is such a cute walker/runner and really gets a kick out of mom/dad trying to "get" him.
  • Walking. He had the hardest time getting the whole "bend your knees" while walking. But now he's a pro. He's so tiny (1% for height and weight) that seeing him walk seems like it goes against "nature" but he LOVES it.
  • Copying what you do. He loves to blink with you, nod his head, and do other silly things right back to you. He loves to mimic most facial expressions. His favorite game is peek-a-boo.
  • Holding your head when he hugs you. He gives good sweet hugs and on occasion graces you with a big, wet, open-mouthed kiss.
  • Sharing love E.T. style: Grant loves to point his tiny pointer finger at you and have you return the greeting with your own. Sometimes it's best when you suck on your finger first, just as he does.
  • Music. Not as much as Ella but Grant to likes to get "down with it!"

  • Loud! Grant might be small but if you never saw him you'd think he was 10 feet tall, as loudly as he talks and screams.
  • Silly. See above comment. With his silliness and flexibility I call him my little Jim Carey.
  • Inquisitive. He, above the others, is more interested in figuring out every aspect of his toys, food, shoes, clothes etc. He will sit and feel them, move their parts, put them on his head, etc. He's a definite thinker.
  • Mischievous. Grant has always been a little devious in his attacks against his siblings. Of course, since he's the smallest he doesn't have size on his side. Once during an ultrasound he was being his normal photogenic self (funny, thinking of it now, that that has NEVER changed...he always gave us the best US pics) but seconds into filming Henry there he was with a swift kick to Henry's face.
  • Happy. He is full of love for life.


  • Playing in the garbage. If you find a trail of coffee grounds in the house, it will likely lead to Grant-man. He's constantly pulling stuff from the trash, much to my disgust.
  • Screaming. After awhile it does get on ones nerves.
  • Throwing food on the floor. Enough said.
  • Biting. If you thwart him (ie take a toy or try to push him around) then you better be prepared to be bitten. Ask Henry.

  • The LOUD vacuum cleaner. VERY scary. Enough of a punishment for coffee grounds spilled through the kitchen/living room.
  • Sleeping past 7. Sleeping in is for losers who aren't going to be successful scientists. Or moms and dads exhausted from toddlers and 4 year olds.
  • Being bullied by his bigger and bossier siblings.
  • When we go outside his line of sight. Immediate crying if he is in the kitchen and you go to the living room. Or if Henry shuts him in a room and he can't see you.

One of his many adoring fans.

Mr. Smiley. This picture is also a favorite because Grant often sits with both arms in this position.

Finally caught his "sad" face on camera. He is the perfect "Walter" for you Jeff Dunham fans.

Victory is mine (see below!)

One of a few times when Grant is "winning!"

Did you doubt his silliness?

The epitome of silliness. He likes to put food on his head when he's done with his meal.

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keeshaobrien said...

Oh Grant, you crack me up! I see little glimpses of Xander as a baby when I look at some of the pics of Grant. I know these updates are a lot of work (especially having to do 3 at a time), but I just LOVE them! Hugs and kisses to all-love and miss you lots!