Monday, May 21, 2012


I meant to write this post when Ella turned 18 months and again last month but alas life and time got away from me.  So without further ado, this is Ella as she is right now.... approximately 24 lbs according to our bathroom scale.

...LOVES to move.  She climbs, skips, bounces, jumps, runs, dances, slides and spins.  I call her my little firecracker!

...acts out her frustration in a way I would love to.  Throwing the item that is messing up her little life onto the floor and throwing her self down after it, bouncing on her bottom a few time to show her displeasure and smacking the floor with her little fist.

...runs to the shoe closet whenever I ask if she wants to go outside. 

...wears size 18-24 month clothes, depending on the manufacturer.

...sometimes gets so crazy (ie throws herself on the floor rolls around like a dog scratching her back and then flips onto her knees with her head on the floor and crawls forward) we wonder "where did that come from?" the best but sometimes the messiest eater.  Often stuffs her mouth full.

...loves cereal bars, fruit (especially frozen blueberries and grapes), veggies (especially carrots, corn and beans), popcorn, fruit snacks, animal crackers, hot dogs

...calls everyone "gampa" unless corrected.

...says a lot, some most I can't understand.  Common words: diaper, mama, dada, no, up, Grant, Henry, Ella.

...sleeps the most.  She sleeps in most days to 7:30 and takes 2.5-3 hour naps.

...prefers that I dress her immediately after getting jammies off, during first diaper change.  Will in fact follow me around crying and tapping her belly if I don't.

...has started to be aware and have a strong dislike for poopy in her diaper!!  One of the first steps towards potty training.  Yikes! Yeah!

...loves playing in water...but not showers.

...loves to cook in the play kitchen.

...hates when her brothers (mostly Henry) pulls on her clothes during lunch (and who could blame her).

...still has gorgeous baby blues and long eyelashes. all muscle.  WARNING: Stay out of the path of those legs, she's a strong kicker.

...she loves to be a big helper.  Always the quickest to pick up toys and runs to put things in the trash.

...gets along the best with everyone.  Not that she doesn't stand her ground our try to get what she wants from whoever has it, but typically she has the most moments of cooperation and fun with her siblings.  Ella and Evie especially can play well together.  One night they spent several minutes of hilarity running from Evie's bed to the door and back again.  They were laughing and giggling, it warmed my heart! the best cuddles/hugs first thing in the morning.

...keeps us on our toes and laughing.

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keeshaobrien said...

Ella--Auntie Keesha loves you so much and misses you! I cannot believe how big you are getting. I love to read all about you and cannot wait to see you in July! Lots of love!