Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Overdue...Henry, 21 months

At 21 (22) Months you: picking on teasing your siblings.  You love to take their stuff and throw it onto a tall counter top or middle of the table so they can't reach it.  You also love to pull their clothes.  Despite your obvious humor at your tricks, your siblings are less then amused.

...are the first person, on the other hand, to offer comfort when someone is hurt or upset and crying.  I've witnessed your sweetness trying to give Ella kisses and the giant bear hugs you gave to Evie.   You sure can be a sweet boy.

...weigh approximately 26.7 lbs. to put things in bins/bags/containers.  A game you could play for hours.

...breakfast, it's your favorite meal hand's down.  Your favorite consists of cereal bars, blueberries, and milk! your teddy.  I love that when you are half asleep and I hand it to you, the first thing you always do is rub you face on him. being chased.  Especially when we are in the middle of getting you dressed.

...wearing size 18 month pants and 24 month shirts.

...still look JUST like your daddy but are a mama's boy through and through. A LOT.  It's mostly intelligble and you love to repeat "certain" syllables.  Your favorite right now sounds like this: "diddle liddle diddle."  You even start the day whispering it to me.

...helping out my unloading the dishwasher and load the dryer.  You are the first to help out.  You make the silliest grunting noises with each  item you pick up.

...are not a very courageous boy.  You were ok with you first foray into the swimming pool.  You hate being tossed in the air.  However, you love the game where I set you on my shoulder and "drop" you.  Lot's of giggles and you say "ready" when you want to go again.  You also love slides.  One day at church when we went to pick you up you told daddy, "wee!" which was really confusing.  Then you ran to the little slide, climbed to the stop and started saying "wee!" as you slid down...adorable. your neck being tickled, by daddy.

...are the first to sit down for a snack.  In fact, my hand is barely in the cracker box and you've found a spot on the floor and are wiggling with anticipation.  You love most carbs, just like daddy.  You hate trying new things, and prefer your food separate.  Daddy hates this about you but you prefer your meatballs somewhere other then on top of the noodles or rice.  You always finish your fruit.  Throw meat to the floor.  Veggies fall somewhere in between.  You are almost always happiest with a sippy cup tucked under one arm.

...have a great arm.  Maybe baseball will be in your future.

...LOVE to spin in circles.  Sometimes you put a box on your head, other times you and Grant join up, and sometimes you just solo it.  But you are always giggling and "wee-ing" your way around and around.  It's hilarious how dizzy you get as we watch you walk into walls or stumble.

...take the longest to fall asleep.  First you have to toss the bedding out of the bed and jump up and down.  Sometimes we hear you and Grant talking.  There is often a lot of laughing.

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keeshaobrien said...

Henry-Auntie Keesha loves you so much and you are getting to be such a big boy. I love reading all about you and cannot wait to see you in July!!!