Friday, July 18, 2008

No and other thoughts

It's starting to occur to me that there is a word in my vocabulary that I will soon come to loathe. This word I am sure I will repeat thousands if not ten to one hundred thousand times in the next 17 years (and 1.5 months). Already this word makes me unpopular as a parent and leads to some temper tantrums. The word: NO. I am not sure she understands what it means yet but it is something she is getting used to hearing. And we have to say it all the time. To things we never thought we'd have to say it to. It's like comedian Bill Engvall who said that he never thought he'd say it with "please don't bite the dog" following. We've said it to: please don't touch/crawl by the toilet, please don't play with the dog water, no, you can't suck on those batteries, no you can't have that toy. I am sure that her anger with this word will only compound with age. She has a serious fit at 1o months when you take something away from her and I am sure as she gets older her "tantrums" will be followed by the sentence "I hate you!" I wish that was a sentence we could prevent Evelyn from ever learning. I loathe that day. But if I never hear it then I must be doing something wrong as a parent. Then comes the words that I will be forced to say: "because I said so." I loathe those days as well. I have to say...sorry, mom and dad, for giving you grief when you said it to me. I admit now and only this once that you were right.

According to the news today there was a baby boom in 2007. More babies born that year then ever before. I find that interesting. I wonder what that means for Evie as she gets older. Bigger class sizes for one I suppose. They are not calling it a baby boom like in the 50's because during that period there was greater number of babies per the number of people. Now there is just a lot of people and a lot of them are having babies. I know that it seemed like a lot of people I knew were expecting. Thinking back there were 6 of us. And 5 of us had girls...only one boy. Pretty crazy. Now I know 3 people who are pregnant. Though only one is due this year. I am expecting (no pun intended) for that number to increase.

Evie had 2 new teeth break through less then 2 weeks ago and she appears to be teething again. Except this has to be the most painful ones ever. Or she is getting the rest all at once. I barely got any sleep the night before and she has been whiny, fussy, crabby and all of the above. She has even had a little bit of drool. I am hoping the tooth will break through any second. Poor thing has been crying like crazy. We hope it's a tooth anyways. We can't find where one is coming through but we a blaming all her symptoms on it. Shawn thought he detected it last night. It looks a few days off. I figured out there might be something going on when she pulled her pacifier out of her mouth and threw it across the room. It is so sad and funny at the same time. She LOVES her pacifier. She crawls like mad to it or gets all goofy if she sees it that throwing across the room is so out of character. The poor thing. It drives me nuts however, because one minute after she flings it she is going to want it so I spend all this time retrieving them. I pray and hope the other ones like this one do not cause as much problems. I want my happy baby back. And I want the pain for her to stop. And I want a decent nights sleep again. No more 6:30-7 am risings.

I am sorry these posts are far and few between lately. It's hard for me to post without a picture. Until the computer is up and running again though that's all you are going to get. Hopefully, we will have the funds soon to get that done. I am sure Shawn is as sick as I am a lugging the computer back and forth from the office. I can't wait!! Until next time...

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Anonymous said...

I remember those days of saying no all the time.

Look at it this way. You are doing it out of love for Evie. You are protecting her from harm and teaching her right from wrong. God has given you a great task to raise and take care of Evie.

I feel so bad that Evie is having such a painful time with her teeth. :( Is it her corner teeth causing the pain? (eye teeth?) If so those are the most painful ones to come in.
Shawn had a terrible diaper rash on his little bottom when he was cutting those teeth.

Please give Evie hugs and kisses from her, Grandma Andrews.

My mom said I was a terrible sleeper when I was a baby. I hope Evie isn't taking after me in that.