Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Evie's Favorite Things in July

1. Walking: She loves to hold onto fingers and walk. If you set her on the ground she won't sit but will reach up for your fingers. She gets crabby if she can't walk. It appears that any day now she will be taking her first steps. I think if her legs would cooperate she would be doing it already. Which leads me to another favorite: standing. Her friend Emma had a square standing toy that she spent tons of time at this weekend. So when we got home we bought her one of her own with money from her Grandma/pa Volker. She loves it. She would prefer to play standing rather then sit.

2. Sippy cup: She loves to suck from her sippy. She carries it places and gets excited if you set it in front of her. Right now it is only filled with water.

3. Pacifier: Of course. She has loved these from the start. This weekend her and Emma took turns stealing each others. It would appear she is not specific about what pacifier as long as it fits in her mouth. I am thinking of letting her use all the other ones she disregarded at 2 months.

4. Little Quack: He is still very much loved. She makes sure to give him hugs throughout the day and even drags him from room to room. He was getting a little dingy but we didn't realize how bad until we had him washed. He is now brilliantly white. I am sure that will last all of 1 week as much as she drags him on the floor or pushes him along the floor.

5. Dogs: She giggled like crazy meeting Andrea's dog, Maggie, this weekend. It seems that dogs in general delight her in ways that we will never be able. I doubt that she would shriek and giggle if I licked her face the way she does when dogs do. Don't worry, I won't be testing this hypothesis.

6. Remotes, batteries, phones, paper: Everything that is forbidden in other words. This will be a theme throughout her life.

7. Stacking cups: She loves to pile them up. Take them apart etc.

8. Balls: She gets excited trying to throw them to us. She usually manages to chuck them about 2 inches and then squeals with delight.

9. Water: She splashes, giggles, screams, shrieks, and plays in all water. Dog water, bath water, swimming pool water, it doesn't really matter the depth or the temperature.

10. Mom & dad: And why shouldn't she?? But it does make our day when she smiles and calls us by names.

11. Hugs: She is a great hugger. They make bad days into good. She also shares great big kisses, which are just as delightful if not a little slobbery.

12. Talking: We sure wish we knew what she was saying. She sure does have a lot to say. Here is what we recognize: mama, daddy. That's about it.

13. Animal crackers: She got her first taste this weekend from Andrea. She ate several down all the while smiling like we'd given her something really special. Yesterday I gave her some while shopping and she had this smile like I'd given her a million dollars.

14. Emma: She was super excited this weekend to meet Emma. She talked and yelled at her. Then she tried hugging her a bunch. Emma was not thrilled. She cried a lot and probably wished we'd just take the little pest away. By the end of the visit, however, she was much more open to Evie's exuberance. I can't wait to watch their little friendship develop over the years.

15. Books: She loves to turn the pages. She can spend a lot of time looking at the pictures. Touching the pages. Turning them back and forth. She definately is into exploring things. Dropping items, turning pages, moving toys. One of her toys has a wheel that turns and she spends a lot of time holding it from spinning, letting go, watching it etc.

Things Evie Hates:

1. Not getting her own way.
2. Taking naps unless SHE thinks she needs one
3. Eating: She is really picky these days and is not eating well. Sometimes she eats great other times we can barely get a bite or two into her. We've determined she eats better when she can feed herself.
4. Long car rides: We really cannot blame her.
5. Not getting her own way.
6. When we take things away from her.
7. Diaper changes and getting dressed.

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You forgot the cat, and interrupting exercise sessions to climb all over the exerciser. Both as loves