Wednesday, July 2, 2008

10 months old!

Are you as shocked as I am at how quickly time has passed?? It amazes me most of the time that I'm even a mother much less of a 10 month old. I'm sure though that I will never get over the shock of time passing. These entries will continuously have the same theme i.e. she's 11 months, she's a year etc.

Evelyn is so fun at this age. She is interactive, chatty, smiley and such a joy. I was able to pick up her 9 month photos yesterday and thought I'd post a few so you can enjoy our little beauty. In person, of course, is so much better. She loves to experiment with things: parent's reactions. She loves getting into trouble which these days is the doggies water dish. We've had to create an obstacle just to keep her out of it. Otherwise she would play in it for hours I'm sure. It is so easy to forget oneself and just watch her for hours. Of course, she is always wanting attention so that makes it easy too;o)

It's amazing how so little time can result in so many changes. She had her first cracker yesterday. She loved it. I am going to get her some teething biscuits soon as well. I loved them as a baby and I'm sure she will to. I want to let her enjoy that part of childhood. We've had to put a white noise machine (aka the part of her swing which made noise) into Evie's room. She is such a light sleeper that any noise was waking her up. She was getting up 3-4 times a night. Sometimes every hour. It was getting exhausting. Hopefully this provides the miracle we are looking for. The last two nights she slept much better. Last night I was only up once. We'll see. Last time we thought we had a new normal it only lasted 2 nights. We'll see if it was once again a fluke;o) We are crossing our fingers and praying that it's not.

We have been having computer problems which is why it has taken so long to post. We will be heading to GR for the 4th and I hope we can get the problem resolved. They thought it was my picture program so they deleted the whole thing. It turned out it wasn't the program but now my photos are without a home AND I had them all organized according to Evie's age. So I dread all the work entailed in organizing them...again. I have in the mean time been working on my scrapbooking. I am in scrapbook heaven. I have done about 15 pages in the last 2 weeks. Unfortunately the are incomplete because I cannot print any journaling out. The computer no longer recognizes my printer. It is frustrating. It makes you realize how much you use the computer. I wrote need first but that's not the truth. We could easily live without it. It means talking to people instead of emailing, reading a newspaper, and writing my journaling thoughts instead of relying on the neat printing in Word. I say yes to a least the first. I will wait on my computer though for the last two. It's sooo much easier;o)

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xander's mama said...

I can't wait for my pictures!! I miss my niece so much! I wish I could hop on a plane today! Love ya!