Monday, September 1, 2008

Evie's Birthday Party

Evie's officially one. A toddler. No longer a baby but forever MY baby. We had her party yesterday and she had a blast!! She is definitely a big girl!! Here are the highlights:

Opening presents:

Tackling/hugging a bear:Silly party hat:What is this cake stuff?:Well, whatever it is I LOVE IT!:
Cleaning up a messy, messy me:My family:Tired after all that partying, need a little monkey cuddle time:

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xander's mama said...

Oh how I wished we were there! Great pictures, and even though I could't be there in person, just looking at the pictures made me feel like I was there! She is such a cutie! I'm glad you were able to get her to wear the party hat, Xander pitched a fit and cried! It will be so much fun to see them toghether in one month--yes only one month until we are in MN!!!! Love ya!