Sunday, September 14, 2008

What's new.

It's certain to happen soon...Evie running. She certainly gives it a good try but unfortunately her top half can't keep up to the bottom half. So most often she ends up on her rump. She should master it in no time. She really enjoys Shawn "chasing" her and her new favorite activity is to walk the length of our house carrying stuff. It changes hourly. I watched one day as she held a cloth napkin in each hand and then walked the house. Then it switched to her baby doll. "Life is not as complicated as you make it, mom" I hear her say as she enjoys this simple pleasure.She "danced" for the first time today. Though she has bounced sitting while music played and even clapped a little. Today was the first time where she stood and wiggled and clapped her hand. What a precious sight. She is bound to be a lover of music and dancing like my whole family. We love to ROCK!!

She also loves to "rock" her baby doll. She does this for a few moments and then bites her foot. I'm not sure if she is trying to lull the doll into a false sense of "it's ok" before she chomps away but it is pretty enduring.Guess who has ANOTHER cold. Yep, me!!!! Ugh!!! Shawn said to me the other day "I am so SICK of being the only one healthy." This was in the midst of my sneezing and blowing my nose. You can imagine my response. It included a raised eyebrow and a clarification of his statement. But I did smile at him. I could only say "poor you! Must be rough to be so healthy!" I think that getting up at night with Evie is leaving me a little sleep deprived and thus compromising my immune system. I can tell you now that until this one sleeps through the night we won't be even thinking about a second one. The best cure? A little bit of sweetness. And I've got me a whole ton!!!!

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Anonymous said...

cute pictures! (and cute hair, T. did you get it cut?). Can't wait to see you in a couple weeks.